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The Top 10 Restaurants in Kazimierz, Krakow
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The Top 10 Restaurants in Kazimierz, Krakow

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Updated: 18 September 2017
The historic Jewish quarter of Kazimierz in Krakow is a place of complexity and interest, laden with some of the most interesting and cultural eats in the city. Here, we take a look at the most delicious gastronomic spots within its borders.
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Located on Kazimierz’s so-called Wide Street (Szeroka), Ariel is dedicated to the traditions of the Jewish quarter, through its classic cuisine, its revitalization of old buildings and patronage of the Jewish arts. The menu combines the likes of creamy Berdytchov soup with beef, honey and spices, succulent liver-stuffed goose and carp sautéed with onions and mushrooms. For desert there are also oodles of treats, including mascarpone cheese with raisins accompanied by a fresh orange zest.
Address & telephone: Ariel, Szeroka 18, Kraków, Poland, +48 124217920

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The restaurant Hamsa has a simple mantra that is centered on the happiness of eating hummus and the multi-flavored Middle Eastern Kitchen. The word ‘hamsa’ refers to a good luck charm used against evil spirits in the Jewish and Islamic religions, also known as the hand of Fatima. Yet the restaurant has an overflow of happiness and joyful atmosphere, green décor and a spectacular cuisine. Carnivore or vegetarian, the menu brings together typical Israeli dishes like shish kebab, Moroccan lamb with couscous, baked eggplant with bulgur, and the Palestinian dessert Knafeh.
Address & telephone: Hamsa, Szeroka 2, Kraków, Poland, +48 515150145

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Startka Restaurant is a simple yet delightful spot that envelopes an authentic Polish atmosphere with delicious cuisine, unique interior ornaments and a cocktail pallet that’s simply delightful. The interior of the place is quite simple, yet the carbon drawings and the caricatures here and there add an authentic tone to the joint. Serving dishes like pork sirloin, aromatic rabbit loin, lamb and camembert opera salad, the menu is eclectic to say the least, while there are also plenty of vodkas on offer.
Address & telephone: Starka Restaurant & Vodkas, ul. Jozefa 14, Krakow, +48 12 430 65 38

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With a Latino-American spirit, Manzana is a Mexican joint that takes pride in its New Latino cuisine, the use of local fresh ingredients and bringing passion to Krakow’s gastronomy. On the menu guests find authentic Mexican dishes, such as juicy pork quesadillas, crispy tacos, enchiladas, soft burritos, fajitas, burning jalapeno burgersand chicken encacahuatado to name just a few.
Address & telephone: Manzana, Miodowa 11, Kraków, Poland, +48 12 422 22 77

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Bottiglieria 1881

With a menu of exquisite haute cuisine, Bottiglieria 1881 combines class and style and a passion for wine culture in a renovated cellar of the historical neighborhood of Kazimierz. Simple and tasteful, the restaurant’s menu changes seasonally according to the availability of fresh ingredients. Starting with the rhubarb, brioche and lavender foie gras and finishing with a bout of tasty tapas, patrons will not be disappointed.
Address & telephone: Bottiglieria 1881, ul. Bocheńska 5 LU 1, Kraków, Poland, +48 660 661 756

Zazie Bistro
Chesnut Tart | © Molly Greenwood/ Flickr
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Zazie Bistro

A local, very Polish ambience is the highlight of Zazie Bistro. The petite place is simple, with cuisine that is impeccable, while the attentive service adds up to a great evening in Kazimierz. Haute cuisine dominates the menu, with starters like fresh octopus braised in olive oil and white wine served with roast potatoes and chorizo. For dessert, the tart with chestnuts, pear and bitter chocolate is simply exquisite.
Address & telephone: Zazie Bistro, Józefa 34, Kraków, Poland, +48 500410829

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Eden is known for its mélange of Polish and Jewish cuisine and homely atmosphere. A quiet, laid back ambience dominates and the restaurant serves everything from delicious breakfasts to late dinners. It also houses weekly sport events and offers catering for special occasions. The menu is centered on regional ingredients, such as herring in sour cream with apples, a’ la Eden salad and diablo poultry sticks.
Address & telephone: Eden, Ciemna 15, Kraków, Polen, +48 12 430 65 65

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The Blueberry Resto & Bar

A modern European restaurant, the Blueberry Resto & Bar brings together international cuisine in a functional interior filled with personality. Boasting a simple arrangement, with white wooden tables and Cheshire armed chairs, the décor is highlighted by the myriad of hanging lamps above. Fabulous dishes with top presentation, generous portions and fresh ingredients abound, while the cuisine mixes its flavors in an artistic manner. Go for the sea bream with risotto in creamy basil sauce, spring rhubarb soup or walnut soufflé strawberry sauce.
Address & telephone: The Blueberry, ul. Bocheńska 2a, Kraków, Poland, +48 694 320 740

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Located on the eastern end of Kazimierz, Rubinstein is an enchanting place, right through from the rooftop’s majestic views to the basement’s brick-walled interior. The menu is complex and gathers authentic Polish recipes with a dash of style, including Polish dumplings filled with chanterelles served on a thyme butter sauce, roasted cod served on warm kale salad and plenty, plenty more.
Address & telephone: Rubinstein, Szeroka 12, Kraków, Poland, +48 12 384 00 00

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Stajinia Pub

Located underground in a vaulted ceiling room, the beautiful Stajinia Pub is one traditional and rustic island to enjoy. With a great indoor as well as outdoor beer garden, Stajinia Pub is a home of international and Polish cuisine, a variety of cocktails and the necessary vodka flavors that cannot go without mention in this part of the world. The menu serves pizza and pasta, as well as Polish pierogi, salads and chicken in lemongrass with coconut.
Address & telephone: Stajinia Pub, Józefa 12, 31-056 Kraków, Poland, +48 12 423 72 02