The Couture Perfumer Bringing Accessible Luxury To Warsaw

Mo61 in Poland
Mo61 in Poland
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In a ubiquitous age, new brand Mo61 is poised to refresh personal style in Poland. Founder Monika Zagajska has introduced bespoke perfume to the market, allowing individuals to create their own unique scent. The concept is charming; Zagajska explains that their clients can use perfume to “recall their childhood memories or revive old emotions,” creating a scent that can reflect personality and become a personal trademark.

The Beginnings of the Mo61

At the moment, Mo61 is the only couture perfumer in Poland. The label was inspired by Zagajska’s travels, and the perfumist wanted to address the void of niche perfume that she saw back home. “Polish people are craving something new, we needed a place like this in Warsaw,” she said. The flagship store is located in the heart of Warsaw on the hip Ul. Mokotowska, but the brand is expanding. A new shop opened recently in Krakow and a third location is opening soon in Stara Papiernia – an old paper factory in Konstantin Jeziorna, just outside of the capital. “It’s going to be more a perfmuists’ room than a big shop, but more intimate and cozy.”

Mo61, perfume shop in Warsaw

The Mo61 Process

“Our perfumists select scents based on personalities. They interview the client. They talk about everything – what they want to achieve with the smell, what style it’s meant to have” Zagajska explains. The shop’s aesthetic is a crossover between a trendy grey loft space and a mystical laboratory, and the bottles are reminiscent of pre-war pharmacy packaging. After sniffing your way through a selection of base smells and notes, a trained perfumist will mix the components in front of you. The bottle is then sealed, with the your chosen name printed onto a stylish blue label, adding a final touch of personalization to the intimate process. “A visit to our shop really brings people joy” explains Zagajska, “and that is the biggest reward.”

Mo61 in Poland

Accessible Luxury

Unlike so many of their competitors abroad, part of the reason for Mo61’s success is that the bespoke product is luxurious yet affordable. The bottles range between £40 and £80, depending on size – a striking contrast to some of their British counterparts. Azzi Glasser, London’s lead perfumist, can charge up to £15,000 for an appointment. Though the price is partially a reflection of the polish market, Zagajska’s main reason for championing an affordable product is ensuring that more people access to it. “We wanted every cool person to be ale to get their scent at Mo61.”

Shop: Mo61
By Julia Gardener

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