The Best Things to See and Do in Owidz, Poland

Grodzisko Owidz
Grodzisko Owidz | © MOs810 / WikiCommons

Owidz is a typical Polish village nestled in the heart in the country’s Kociewie region. This is a great place to escape the flocks of tourists who head to the popular Malbork Castle nearby or tour the city of Copernicus, Toruń. Owidz is connected by bus to Starogard Gdański and Tczew, and thanks to a medieval history it is a perfect place for the intrepid explorer.

Traditional Owidz, Poland

Eat traditional food at Grodzisko Owidz

One of the finest restaurants in the Kociewie region is here, the restaurant at Grodzisko Owidz. Indeed it also shares its name with the village’s main attraction – the museum and medieval castle. Head to the restaurant and feast your eyes on a truly magnificent selection of traditional Polish food. From the range of soups such as żurek to seafood dishes like śledź to typical Polish pierogi, this is as tasty as Polish rural cuisine gets. For large events and parties, don’t be surprised if copious amounts of Polish vodka are consumed. In fact, one of the country’s leading vodka distilleries, Sobieski, is only a few kilometres away in the city of Starogard Gdański.
ul. Rycerska 1, 83-211 Owidz, Poland

Polish pierogi

Shoot an arrow like medieval times

Get into the medieval spirit in Owidz by becoming a medieval archer for the day! At Grodzisko Owidz, you have the chance to pretend you have time warped to the medieval era. You can dress up like a medieval archer, fully equipped with hat, sword, suit and shield. You will get full training and will be able to fire some arrows in this unique medieval setting, grabbing pictures that will certainly impress your friends on Instagram.

Rycerska 1, 83-211 Owidz, Poland
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Go horse riding

For a taste of Polish countryside life in the modern day, there are quite a few options to go horse riding here in and around Owidz. The actual horse racing stadium is a few miles north, on the edge of Lake Kochanka near Starogard Gdański and Kokoszkowy. The stadium can organise horse riding lessons and trials, and there is also the option to watch horse racing competitions here.

Adama Mickiewicza 13, 83-250 Starogard Gdański, Poland

Go horse riding

Tour the museum and castle at Grodzisko Owidz

The biggest attraction in Owidz and, of course, the main reason that tourists and locals come here is to visit the museum and castle at Grodzisko Owidz. This is a cultural experience that is actually a reconstruction of an entire medieval village. It was opened in 2012 to give visitors the chance to experience and understand medieval life in Owidz. This will provide a memorable and fascinating insight into the history of the region, through Teutonic times to the present day. It’s a castle and a museum all in one. You can spend a few hours in here. The centre holds archaeological festivals, archery competitions, mock battles and courses in pottery making. All this happens among traditional wooden cottages within a rural wooden custom-built village featuring ancient craftsmen in a rustic setting. Don’t miss it.

Rycerska 1, 83-211 Owidz, Poland

Grodzisko Owidz

Tour the ruined palace

Here in Owidz there are remains of a palace, known as Dwór rodziny Grąbczewskich, which means the Manor of the Grąbczewski family. It can be hard to find, but one of the local tourist websites has the details on it, click here to find how to get there. It is on Szkolna Street.
Szkolna 6, 83-211 Owidz, Poland

Stroll through the countryside near Park Zabytkowy

One of the biggest charms of villages such as Owidz is that you can escape the city life here. There are lots of countryside lanes, pretty fields and lakes on the edge of the village. Start at Park Zabytkowy in Owidz and stroll through the pleasant fields. If you head here in spring, you will delighted to see the blossoming yellow rapeseed oil fields.
Park Zabytkowy, 83-211 Owidz, Poland

Polish countryside charm near Owidz

Go kayaking on the Wierzyca River

The Wierzyca River runs through the Kociewie region, passing through Owidz, and also leading to the region’s lakes. Canoes and kayaks can be hired from Powiew, or you could also bring your own and sail down the river. Guides are available to ensure safety. Be aware this is a spring and summer activity normally, because the river can freeze over in winter months. Head to the riverside at Rycerska 2 to book your trip.
Rycerska 2, 83-211 Owidz, Poland

Canoeing in Kociewie

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