The Best Pizzas in Warsaw

Pizza at Mamma Marietta
Pizza at Mamma Marietta | © Mamma Marietta

Warsaw is brimming with international restaurants these days. Every corner of the city centre is witness to a new Turkish kebab joint, Japanese sushi encounter or Chinese diner month on month. Such establishments work their way onto a street that already plays host to some superb Polish restaurants. However, the Italians were quick to get in on the act, and this list of the best pizza restaurants is sure to bring a little bit of Napoli to the Polish world, ensuring you can sample delicious pizzas in the vibrant capital.

1. Pizza Dominium

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Pizza Dominium | © Northern Irishman in Poland
© Northern Irishman in Poland |

One of the best pizzeria chains in Poland is Pizza Dominium. This brand has been cooking up top-notch pizzas in the country since 1993, when Tomasz Plebaniak opened a restaurant on Ulica Złota in Warsaw. These days, the company now have over 70 outlets all over Poland. The Nowy Świat location is a superb option in the heart of the capital. The menu boasts two styles of pizza – firstly, the regular pizza menu includes the classics such as Hawaiian, pepperoni or vegetarian. The style of crust or base can also be chosen from deep-dish, traditional or thin and crispy. The more exquisite part of the menu is known as Pizza Della Casa, and these are the specialist ‘house’ styles. Try the ‘Colore’, which has tomato, garlic, black olive, pepperoni, oregano, rocket and Correggio cheese, or the spicy ‘Calabrese’ option, which comes with fresh garlic, spicy jalapeño peppers and red onions. Pizza Dominium has a full range of pastas, starters and desserts, as well as an extensive drinks menu.

2. Al Capone

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Al Capone Restaurant, Warsaw | © Al Capone
© Al Capone

Al Capone restaurant is situated in Warsaw’s up-and-coming Ochota district, just a few tram stops south east of the central train station. Here, you can expect to devour the finest Italian food, headed, of course, by the superb range of pizzas. Passionate chefs cook up unusual pizza recipes, including a carrot pizza. This pizza contains asparagus, sweet carrot, spicy salami and salty pecorino cheese. There is also an intriguing ‘Nutella pizza’ for those with a sweet tooth. Al Capone also has seasonal menus that change throughout the year. The venue has a cosy and modern atmosphere, which is a great place for couples, families and small groups. On top of the delicious pizzas, you can also order a range of Italian pastas and some desserts including tiramisu and panna cotta. The wine menu contains some fabulous wines from around the world.

3. Restauracja 'Tereza'

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Tereza Pizza Restaurant, Warsaw | © Northern Irishman in Poland
© Northern Irishman in Poland

All pizzas at Restauracja ‘Tereza’ are given Italian names and contain traditionally Italian products. This is a small and cosy pizza option, which is located across the Wisła River on the Praga side of Warsaw. Try the ‘Parmigiana’, which has aubergine, Parma ham and parmesan cheese, or the ‘Calabrese’, which has cheese, salami, olives, peppers and garlic. Tereza also does some unique pizzas of its own, including the ‘London’, which has bacon and egg on it, attempting to replicate an English-style breakfast. Booking a table in advance at the weekends is recommended. Tereza’s food menu also includes pasta, salads and soups.

4. Telepizza

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Telepizza are the leaders in online and telephone delivery pizza in all of Poland. The company always has great promotions such as 2-for-1 pizza offers and meal deals. Delivery times are also very precise, as you normally receive your pizza within thirty minutes. The menu takes on a more American-style pizza range rather than Italian. For this reason, the deep-dish, hearty pizzas are recommended. You can order online or over the phone, and you can also pay in advance via card or pay the delivery person in cash or card directly. The website is easy to understand, and you can even custom-design your own pizzas by adding your own toppings. It is important to check the price and postal address before submitting your order, as after that, it cannot be changed.

5. Ave Pizza

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Ave Pizza in Warsaw | © Ave Pizza
© Ave Pizza

Ave Pizza is a cosy Italian restaurant close to the Frédéric Chopin Museum in Warsaw. Feast your eyes on the enticing pizza menu, all of which are cooked to perfection and with maximum freshness by experienced chefs. The lengthy menu contains pizzas such as the Affumicata-Rossa (mushroom, spicy salami, mozzarella and provolone cheese), the Bufala Fresca (buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil) or the Mediterranea-Bianche (mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, rocket, Parma ham and parmesan cheese). The menu also contains calzone, pasta and desserts. Keep an eye on their social media pages for promotions and new additions to the menu.

6. Mamma Marietta

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Pizza at Mamma Marietta | © Mamma Marietta
© Mamma Marietta

Mamma Marietta serves up some of the best Italian dishes in Warsaw, fronted by starters and pastas and not only their awesome pizzas. When checking out their pizza menu, you will notice that some of Mamma Marietta’s pizzas take their name from locations around the world, not just in Italy. Try the Finnish-style Amuri or the Salvador (Brazil) pizza, which is pork-rich and features mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, ham, salami and bacon. If you are after a really hot and ‘volcanic’ option, then choose the ‘Etna’, which has very spicy salami on top of a typical tasty cheese and tomato pizza base. The wine and beer menu also includes a little taste of Italy with Peroni beer, and Italian whites and reds.

7. Bella Napoli by Enzo Rossi

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Bella Napoli, Warsaw | © Bella Napoli
© Bella Napoli

Bella Napoli by Enzo Rossi is one of the most well-known and popular pizza restaurants in Warsaw. It is located on the Praga side of the Wisła River and well worth a trip. Explore the huge range of healthy and delicious pizzas ranging from the Francesina which contains mozzarella, bacon, onion, parmesan, cherry tomatoes and śmietana (sour cream) to the Frutti di Mare, which is an excellent seafood option featuring fresh fish from the Baltic sea placed on top of a pizza with garlic and oregano. As a top-notch Italian-style restaurant, Bella Napoli also has a fantastic pasta and wine menu. The setting also reflects the style and interior of a restaurant on the streets of Napoli itself.

8. Zakład Mięsny

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So much more than a butcher shop, Zakład Mięsny is a quirky, local hangout
© Northern Irishman in Poland

Pizza in a ‘butchery’?? If you mention the words ‘Zakład Mięsny’ to Polish people, they will tell you ‘Oh it’s a butcher’s shop’, which is exactly what the term means. However, once you encounter their pizza menu, you are in for a welcome surprise. Every pizza includes a ‘free’ beer or lemonade, which is already a great pull, yet the pizza range delves into parts of the animal your grandmother forgot about! After devouring a cow’s calf pizza, at Zakład Mięsny you discover a surprisingly quirky venue that pumps out contemporary Poland more than most places in the city. The place has an actual butcher’s counter at the rear, to go with 12 beers on tap and 30 more in bottles (always changing), a peculiar seating arrangement where you can eat and drink in any one of a dentist’s chair, a high stool, a builder’s bench or a cosy sofa. This is more than its title of ‘Butcher’s Shop’ suggests and is yet more proof of the trendy revival in Praga. It feels like another world here. As a bonus, the bar has fast Wi-Fi and a friendly staff.

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