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Complementary breakfast |© Magnus Manske/WikiCommons
Complementary breakfast |© Magnus Manske/WikiCommons
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The Best Breakfast And Brunch Spots In Warsaw's Old Town

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Updated: 26 October 2016
Typically, people in Poland eat their breakfast at home, preferring to hit the bars and cafes for lunch or dinner. However, for some time now, heading out for a morning meal has been a popular choice, particularly in cities like Warsaw, Krakow and Gdansk. Here, we delve into the cobblestone maze of streets that is the capital’s Old Town, to find you the best breakfasts in town.
Breakfast | © Public Domain
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Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic is a small and cute cafe serving breakfasts and brunches all day, with delicious coffee, a great selection of organic teas and fresh home-made desserts on the menu to boot. The staff are exceptionally friendly, and the atmosphere is very cozy, with the interior designed to make everyone feel like they are relaxing at home (think floral patterns on the walls and pot plants). During warmer months, Shabby Chic welcomes its visitors to sit in their garden and enjoy the charms of the Warsaw Old Town al fresco.
Address: Shabby Chic, Piwna 20/26, Warsaw, Poland, +48 606 907 896

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Kamienne Schodki

A solid brunch choice that’s nestled deep in the heart of the Warsaw Old Town, cozily sandwiched between two narrow alleyways and the bustling cobblestone stretches of the Market Square, you’ll find Kamienne Schodki. This place touts a menu of fish cuts, dressed salads, Polish soups, hot drinks and all the ubiquitous Slavic beers you could hope for. Inside, the décor is simple and elegant to the hilt, with white-washed walls, candlelit alcoves and posh table dressings.
Address: Kamienne Schodki, rynek Starego Miasta 26, Warszaw, Poland, +48 22 831 08 22


Fret@Porter is a favorite meeting place of Polish artists, politicians and journalists, where traditional Polish fare is served. However, those who prefer other cuisines will not be disappointed, since the restaurant shows great flexibility in terms of its menu and offers oodles of international choices. Fret@Porter is located in one of the beautiful town houses of the neighborhood, with an elegant interior and a small art gallery to boot. Live music concerts are not uncommon and in the summer season the restaurant opens its terrace full of colorful flowers for customers to enjoy.
Address: Fret@Porter, Freta 37, Warsaw, Poland, +48 22 635 20 55

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Cafe Zamek

Opulent and regal and done out in all the styles you’d expect of a cafe that derives its name from the old abode of Poland’s one-time Kings, Cafe Zamek entices customers with a medley of candelabras and chandeliers, oil paintings and floral murals, not to mention a menu of refined Slavic treats, oodles of fantastic cakes and well-made coffees. Between the antique furniture pieces, patrons here can sit, enjoy a fresh brew, devour a slice of classic Polish cheesecake and soak in the Old World vibes that abound.

Address: Cafe Zamek, 4 pl Zamkowy, Warszaw, Poland, +48 22 355 51 16

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To Lubię

To Lubię is a small, cozy café and tea house located in a beautiful tower of Warsaw’s Dominican Church, serving breakfasts and delicious desserts. The motto on the counter, ‘Life is short, eat cookies’ speaks for itself, and those who love sweets will be in heaven with all the tarts, pies and cakes that this kitchen turns out daily. The atmosphere is homey with friendly service and a warm interior that’s laden with pretty decorations and flowers.
Address: To Lubię, Freta 10, Warsaw, Poland, +48 22 63 59 023