The 10 Best Brunch Spots In Olsztyn, Poland

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Although Olsztyn is a small city in the north east of Poland, the amount of cafes and bars is quite large, and the area is made up of a large student population. In and around the Old Town, new and modern spots, and old but classic spaces, offer residents and travelers different options for breakfast and brunch. Here is a list of the best places offering delicious morning treats.

1. Kawiarnia Moja

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Kawiarnia Moja is a stylish cafe in the center of Olsztyn that has obtained the Warmia and Mazury Certificate of Culinary Heritage for its high quality fare. It is located in the historical building Villa Fortuna, which is mainly made out of brick material since the initial owner possessed a brickyard and has designed both shops and luxury apartments. Today it hosts, on the ground floor, an elegant cafe that is an ideal place to enjoy an early morning sweet or savory breakfast, while homemade pastries and cakes are also available.

2. Bar Dziupla

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Stare Miasto
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As one of the oldest restaurants in the Old Town, Stare Miasto, Bar Dziupla is a restaurant with a good reputation amongst locals. The restaurant offers meals all day long, from breakfast time to lunch and dinner, with the menu being mainly influenced by Polish cuisine. Different types of dumplings, pancakes and soups based on traditional recipes are recommended for an alternative brunch option. Tables are also available on the terrace that is situated in the oldest square of the city.

3. Coffee Station

Cafe, Polish

In August 2013, a cozy and modern cafe opened its doors in Stare Miasto. Its contemporary decor makes it stand out compared to other bars and cafes in the Old Town. Coffee Station, offers both breakfast and lunch options apart from coffee. Sandwiches, Italian grilled ciabattas, salads and homemade pastries that also come in gluten-free versions are prepared every morning. A large variety of smoothies and warm drinks are available to take out as well.

4. Organic’s

Cafe, Sandwich Shop, Polish

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Organic’s is one of the classic options for breakfast and brunch in the Old Town of Olsztyn. They even offer a British breakfast dish. The cafe is famous for three things – good quality products, quick service and large portions that come at a very low cost. The long menu includes different types of sandwiches, some traditional Polish open-face zapiekankas and salads.

5. Slodki Zakatek

Bakery, Dessert Shop, Polish

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Slodki Zakatek is a cozy bakery with a lovely terrace in the center of the Old Town. A pleasant spot for travelers and locals working in the area, the place offers aromatic coffee, teas and hot chocolate accompanied with all kinds of homemade cakes, pies, muffins and anything else sweet that tickles your fancy. During the summer days, Slodki Zakatek is the perfect spot to stop by and enjoy an ice-cream in the sunny front yard.

6. Zloty Klucz

Cafe, Pastry Shop, Polish

One of the most famous spots for tourists who arrive in the city is this cafe and bakery offering all kinds of tarts, cakes, pastries and desserts. Zloty Klucz can be found close to Stare Miasto and has been established for more than 50 years now, and although the ownership changed in 2009, the quality remains the same. This is mainly a place for sweet lovers who like to start their day with a piece of cake or cacao cookies and muffins.

7. Si Si Coffee

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Muesli plus yogurt
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Si Si Coffee is a space filled with vintage furniture, couches, sofas, lamps and pillows all in different shapes, sizes and colors. Since 2013 this small regional cafe has made sure to serve the best quality coffee and provides customers with a space that feels very homely. Starting the day here means starting the day with a healthy breakfast option, such as yogurt with muesli and an aromatic coffee or delightful smoothie with fresh milk and fruits.

8. House Café

Cafe, Polish, European

A warm space with colorful sofas and chairs, board games and shelves overpacked with books, House Café is mainly chosen by the student crowd of the city. Located just opposite from the old town hall, in this cafe, customers can order the famous almond cake or any other type of sweets from waffles to pastries, muffins and cookies. Different sandwiches and all kinds of warm drinks, such as flavored coffee and varieties of English and Chinese tea, are also available here.

9. Dwie Babki

Bar, Cafe, Polish

Nestled just a few meters north from the popular Old Town square, Dwie Babki is a cozy and hospitable cafe and bar with a romantic atmosphere. The menu offers a large variety of gourmet options, mainly based on traditional Polish dishes reimagined as alternative versions. Coffees, teas and homemade lemonades are perfect to start the day off with, while different kinds of pastries, cakes, cookies and muffins are offered for a sweet delightful breakfast.

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