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Morskie Oko |© MagMac83 / Shutterstock
Morskie Oko |© MagMac83 / Shutterstock

Just 17 Photos That Will Make You Fall in Love With Poland

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Updated: 14 April 2017

Poland – a land of chic medieval hotspots, vibrant towns, charming lakes, and cities beckon with a heart-stopping energy few European countries command. It is here you will find magnificent palaces set in between bustling squares. It is here you will find log cabins set among some of the most unspoiled and breathtaking mountainscapes on the planet. In essence, Poland truly is magic in disguise.

Home to some of the most amazing cities on the planet, much of Poland’s charm stems from its remoteness. Although large swathes of the country are flat (you might feel like you’re in the Netherlands at times), the southern border is lined with a chain of lovely mountains, which invite weeks or even months of fabulous solitude. Oh, and if it’s lakes you’re after, look no further – the north is full of them. Think: kayaking, canoeing, and even skinny-dipping (but ssshhh don’t tell the locals).

Oh and let’s not forget the food. Oh the food! If you love a bit of home cooking, this is where you need to go. Think the freshest local ingredients like pork, beetroot and cabbage, cooked to absolute perfection. And if you love sweets: cream cakes, fruit-filled dumplings and a special mania for lody (ice cream) will make you skip the main course and jump straight to the main event.

If you’re still not convinced, here are 17 epic photos that will make you fall in love with Poland (right now):

The enchanting arches of Krakow…

© TTstudio / Shutterstock

Krakow | © TTstudio / Shutterstock

The fairytale landscapes of Niedzica Castle…

© Lukasz Janyst / Shutterstock

Niedzica Castle | © Lukasz Janyst / Shutterstock

The unexpected northern beaches. This one is Hel Beach, yes – Hel beach…

© vivooo / Shutterstock

Hel Beach | © vivooo / Shutterstock

The dreamy wooden houses of Zakopane…

© Wiktor Bubniak / Shutterstock

Zakopane | © Wiktor Bubniak / Shutterstock

The gorgeous tundras and mountainscapes of Morskie Oko…

© MagMac83 / Shutterstock

Morskie Oko |© MagMac83 / Shutterstock


© Bogumil / Shutterstock

Morskie Oko | © Bogumil / Shutterstock


© Curioso / Shutterstock

Morskie Oko | © Curioso / Shutterstock

The epic interiors of Krakow’s glorious St. Mary’s Basilica…

© Santi Rodriguez / Shutterstock

St. Mary’s Basilica | © Santi Rodriguez / Shutterstock

The mysterious Świnoujście lighthouse…

© Mike Mareen / Shutterstock

Świnoujście lighthouse | © Mike Mareen / Shutterstock

The cutesy flowery cottages of Zalipie…

© Milosz Maslanka / Shutterstock

Zalipie | © Milosz Maslanka / Shutterstock


© Dedek / Shuttertsock

Zalipie | © Dedek / Shuttertstock

The Old Town square of Warsaw…

© -S-F / Shutterstock

Warsaw’s Old Town square | © -S-F / Shutterstock

The pristine curves of Lublin…

© G_art08 / Shutterstock

Lublin | © G_art08 / Shutterstock

The colorful renaissance facades of Poznan’s central market square…

© Boris Stroujko / Shutterstock

Poznan’s central market square | © Boris Stroujko / Shutterstock

The #reflectiongoals of the Gdansk Riverside…

© Nightman1965 / Shutterstock

Gdansk Riverside | © Nightman1965 / Shutterstock

The very grand Lazienki royal palace, Warsaw…

© Mariia Golovianko / Shutterstock

Lazienki royal palace | © Mariia Golovianko / Shutterstock

And finally Wroclaw’s Disneyesque market square…

© Creative Travel Projects / Shutterstock

Wroclaw | © Creative Travel Projects / Shutterstock




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