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Warsaw  | © Radek Kołakowski / Flickr
Warsaw | © Radek Kołakowski / Flickr
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A Guide to Warsaw's Districts

Picture of Marta Podeszwa
Updated: 23 February 2017
From the touristy, historic Old Town and the lively central Śródmieście, to the residential areas of Mokotów and Żoliborz, full of cool cafés and restaurants, we take a look at Warsaw’s most important districts and get an overview of what the city has to offer.
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Occupying a large part of central Warsaw, Śródmieście is the city’s most vibrant district. It covers everything from the picturesque Old Town in the north (Warsaw’s main tourist destination, located close to beautiful landmarks such as Castle Square, Krakowskie Przedmieście Street, the Presidential Palace and St. Anne’s Church), to the riverside Powiśle district (home to the must-see Copernicus Science Centre museum) and South Śródmieście in the south – a lively area, loved by locals, full of cool shops, bars and restaurants (Mokotowska Street is great for shopping, Poznańska has plenty of food options and the hipster Plac Zbawiciela is the perfect place to have drinks).

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