10 Up-and-Coming Photographers from Poland

10 Up-and-Coming Photographers from Poland | © Paweł Pilzak Fotografia
10 Up-and-Coming Photographers from Poland | © Paweł Pilzak Fotografia
Photo of Jonny Blair
12 January 2018

Photography blossoms in Poland, which has one of Europe’s most genuine claims for a country with four seasons in its year.

From the gorgeous springtime floral blossoming in some of the villages in Kociewie to the summers on the beaches of the Baltic Coast. From sublime autumnal walks through forests of falling leaves, to the cold winter chills where snow falls nonchalantly, filling pretty town squares with a white colour or ensuring the Polish mountains are right for skiers.

This changing of the seasons is perfect for up-and-coming photographers to capture and share the beauty of Poland with the world via their lenses.

10 Up-and-Coming Photographers from Poland | © Anastasiya Bezborodova Photography

Anastasiya Bezborodova

Anastasiya Bezborodova is a Warsaw-based photographer. Her photos cover a vast array of subjects from daily life in Warsaw to squirrels in the park, models posing, art galleries, pregnant ladies. Anastasiya is also a blogger and as such, her photos allow followers to see her real life journey as it happens.

10 Up-and-Coming Photographers from Poland | © Anastasiya Bezborodova Photography

Aleksandra Szymczyk

Aleksandra Szymczyk lives in Warsaw and has been a portrait and wedding photographer for five years, starting off as just a hobby snapper. But Aleksandra has blossomed into a passionate photographer who now works professionally and loves covering moments that can last. She feels a real emotion in the photos that she captures. Aleksandra enjoys capturing the smiles on people’s faces, which she says “may never be that beautiful again. It’s just awesome and I really love that!”

10 Up-and-Coming Photographers from Poland | © Aleksandra Szymczyk

Anna Drozd

Anna Drozd has a fantastic array of photos on her website, all in different niches. From her snapshots of the Children of Asia to her Polish-based photos. Despite being one of Poland’s coolest new photographers, Anna has already worked with Mercedes-Benz and Pukka. Before relocating to Warsaw, she won photographer of the year in Belarus. She absorbs work with people and unmasking them in the light of the lens is her greatest passion. Anna has a diverse portfolio split into many sub-sections such as childhood, love, imagination, come-and-go people and pregnant photos as she breaks down barriers that many new photographers may not feel comfortable with.

10 Up-and-Coming Photographers from Poland | © Anna Drozd

Anna Mashevskaya

Anna Mashevskaya is currently based in the seaside city of Gdańsk and is a passionate professional photographer. Anna has a lust for discovering outstanding things in her normal daily life and this comes across in her eclectic portfolio of photos which portray a varying combination of nature and people.

10 Up-and-Coming Photographers from Poland | © Anna Mashevskaya

Błażej Maziarz

Błażej Maziarz has already built up an impressive portfolio and social media following in the Polish photography world. He takes photographs for both business and passion. Błażej is based in the Tri-City area (Gdynia, Sopot, Gdańsk) but travels all over Poland for his sessions, which include professional business photography, photos of landscapes and cities, wedding photos and personal photo sessions.

Marta Białkowska

Marta Białkowska is an interesting travel photographer to follow, dipping her lenses into a range of subjects. As well as photographing life at sea and lonely roads, she covers equestrianism. Her photos of horses are both action shots and poses. Social media-wise, Marta is most active on Facebook and resides in Warsaw.

10 Up-and-Coming Photographers from Poland | © Marta Białkowska – fotografia

Marta Trzcińska

Marta has two passions in life – her two sons and her three cameras! (A Nikon d7000, Nikkor 50mm, Sigma 24-70mm). Hailing from Starogard Gdański, Marta captures family life and has some great shots of Polish countryside and rural charm.

10 Up-and-Coming Photographers from Poland | © Marta Trzcińska

Patryk Bruliński

Patryk Bruliński is based in Białystok and known for taking excellent wedding photographs with a difference. Expect to see images of couples on a beach from above, or walking through a valley. He chooses scenery to match the moments, adding his own special touch to his passion and business. Patryk helps make newly married couples’ special day one they can remember forever, thanks to his expertise from behind his lens.

10 Up-and-Coming Photographers from Poland | © Patryk Brulinski

Paweł Pilzak

Based in Warsaw, Paweł Pilzak has an impressive archive of photos from daily city life and landscapes. Professionally, Paweł has built up a great reputation for wedding photography, which he covers with aplomb. He is also a very keen aircraft photographer and sometimes visits airports for the sole purpose of taking photos of planes.

10 Up-and-Coming Photographers from Poland | © Paweł Pilzak Fotografia

Sławomir Sakowicz

Sławomir Sakowicz comes from the Pomerania region and his favourite topics are nature, industry and monuments. All his current crop of photos are taken on his wanders around this area. Sławomir uses a Nikon Coolpix A 900 for his professional shots and his iPhone 6 for other random photos on his jaunts. Sławomir is new to the world of photography and shares his range on Instagram only at present as his popularity increases.

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