10 Of The Best Cafes In Oslo, Norway

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Norway is known for having a high standard of living, and its people know how to strike a perfect work-life balance. A coffee-loving nation, Norwegians have high standard when it comes to coffee. Here we guide you through some of the best places to grab a coffee and a bite to eat in the Norwegian capital, Oslo.

1. The Kasbah

Restaurant, Mediterranean

Food served in the Kasbah
© Aktiv I Oslo.no/Flickr
The Kasbah is a Mediterranean-influenced venue, which hosts quiz nights and open talks. They serve a delicious homemade hummus, which is a blend of chicken peas and tahini.

2. Cafe Amsterdam

Pub, Pub Grub

Being Norway’s first Dutch cafe, Cafe Amsterdam offers you an authentic Dutch feeling to their guests. Cafe Amsterdam is a cozy and relaxing coffeehouse in the morning, and a vibrant and energetic pub at night. The decoration and the artworks on the walls are all imported from the Netherlands, and the traditional snacks are a great way to get a glimpse of Dutch cuisine. Bitterballen, which is a deep fried meatball, is a must try dish in the cafe and is very popular among the Dutch community.

3. Stockfleths Lille Grensen

Coffee Shop, Coffee

Stockfleths Lille Grensen
© Gimme Coffee/Flickr
Stockfleths is a coffee shop with multiple branches across Oslo. Stockfleths Lille Grensen is one of the oldest coffee houses in Oslo, and was established back in 1895. Their baristas have won international awards, so delicious beverages are guaranteed.

4. Alfred

Cafe, European

Oslo harbor
© Moyan Brenn/Flickr
Joni Leskinen, the head chef of Alfred, was inspired by the success of eco restaurants. Alfred only uses locally sourced and sustainable produces for food preparation. The cafe is situated in the Nobel Peace Center and guests can choose to sit indoors or on a patio outside. The open faced shrimp sandwich is highly recommended.

5. Grosch

Restaurant, European

Situated in the National Museum of Architecture of Oslo, Grosch is a lunch cafe and a perfect venue for meetings and hang outs. The cafe is situated next to the Museum, which was built in 1828 as Norges Banks. The building is well preserved, and guests can enjoy a relaxing meal beside this historic building. Try the deliciously sweet passion fruit panna cotta and other homemade desserts, such as mousse and waffles.

6. Cafe Celsius

Restaurant, European

Cafe Celcius
© Carlos Bryant/Flickr
If you are looking for an afternoon to appreciate historic Norwegian buildings, then Cafe Celsius should be on your itinerary. Located in the Christiania Square, the cafe is surrounded by some of the oldest buildings in town. The coffee and desserts are outstanding and the vanilla marinated strawberry is highly recommended. There are outdoor seating areas in this cafe which can be very crowded in summer.

Cafe Sorgenfri

Cafe Sorgenfri is decorated with interesting artefacts, collected from all over the world while the owners were traveling. Enjoy a cup of coffee and an impressive Danish breakfast.

Bryggetorget 4, 0250 Oslo, +47 21 50 10 90

7. Cafe Piccolo

Cafe, Italian

Royal Palace
© Chris Brown/Flickr
Cafe Piccolo prides itself on its integration of Italian cuisine and Norwegian culture. The coffee served in this cafe is imported from a small family producer in Naples, Italy. Cafe Piccolo is situated next to the Royal Palace, offering fantastic views of the Palace and the nearby castles.

8. Cafe Fedora

Cafe, American, Cajun

Cafe Fedora is owned by two passionate Americans. The owners are dedicated to bringing you genuine typical American fare such as burgers and fries. omelets, hash browns and pancakes.

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