10 Top Flea Markets and Thrift Stores in Bergen

Flea Market sign
Flea Market sign | Courtesy of Loppermarkeder Community

Bergen may be pretty as a postcard, but it’s definitely not two-dimensional – after all, it has served as the background for The Snowman, Jo Nesbø’s murder mystery-cum-movie adaptation. The city’s grittier side can be evident (in a good way) when it comes to shopping as well: there are many places where you can find unique, vintage treasures – from clothing, to music, to bric-a-brac for the home, to lovely and well-loved furniture. And in many of these places, you will be contributing to a good cause by shopping. Ready to do some serious thrifting?

1. Bergensmarkedet


Courtesy of Bergensmarkedet
Taking place every Sunday (from noon to 5pm) at the parking lot outside Kaffebreneriet in Møhlenpris, Bergen’s Flea Market is the perfect place to buy or sell used items, art or crafts. On a good day you may find up to 100 different stalls, so keep your eyes peeled: you never know when you may stumble upon some vintage treasure.

2. NMS Gjenbruk


NMS Gjenbruk Bergen
Courtesy of NMS Gjenbruk Bergen
NMS stands for Norske Misjonsselskap, a Christian organization that is dedicated to helping those in need and combating hunger and inequality in developing countries. At their consignment shop in Bergen, you can find furniture, bric-a-brac for the home, lamps and tableware with a vintage air, while knowing that every NOK you spend is helping to make the world a better place.

3. Miljømarkedet Bruktbygg

Shop, Store

Miljømarkedet Bruktbygg
Courtesy of Miljømarkedet Bruktbygg
Tucked inside an unassuming house lies Bergen’s most varied second-hand store. In Miljømarkedet Bruktbygg, you can shop everything from clothes and furniture to TVs and stereos, mirrors, windows and doors, and every small decorative item you can think of in between. It’s also possible to donate your own items.

4. Kleskapet


Courtesy of Kleskapet
Skostredet in Bergen is a bit like Markveien in Oslo: a street that is blessed with quite a few vintage and second-hand options. One of them is Kleskapet, a beautiful vintage clothing shop that will awaken your inner pinup (or inner dandy gentleman). Browse through its careful selection of dresses, shoes, suits and ties and get ready to revamp your style without breaking the bank.

5. Misjonssentralen Gjenbruk


Brukt Butikken
Courtesy of NLM Gjenbruk Bergen
The Norwegian Lutheran Mission (NLM) is an international mission, working under the motto “the world for Christ” and carries out charity work in four continents. In their consignment shop in Bergen, you will find a wide selection of goods, from furniture and tableware to paintings and baby strollers – and all proceeds go to missionary work.

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