The Top 5 Art Galleries in Podgorica

Podgorica, Montenegros capital, is a cultural hub with many fascinating art galleries
Podgorica, Montenegro's capital, is a cultural hub with many fascinating art galleries | © Ivan Kuznetsov / Alamy Stock Photo
Megan O'Hara

Not only is Podgorica the largest and most densely populated city in Montenegro, but it is also the political, social and cultural hub of one of Europe’s oldest countries. From palaces once owned by the Montenegrin royal family to cosy backstreet galleries brimming with classical treasures, the city’s art scene is concentrated in a series of exciting venues. We’ve narrowed it down to five of the best, including galleries home to the work of Andy Warhol and Milo Milunović.



This quirky gallery has displayed exhibitions from renowned artists such as Aleksandar Duravcevic and Mario Schifano and remains at the forefront of Montenegro’s contemporary art scene. Situated in a bright and airy, modern building, surrounded by lush green gardens, the gallery’s exterior itself is somewhat a work of art. With a number of interesting fibreglass structures at the entrance and with the front of the building being made entirely from glass windows, the CSUGC makes for a welcome change from Podgorica’s city centre. Aiming to provide visitors with the most innovative and topical pieces possible, the gallery is an exciting hub of painting, sculpture, light shows and technology, and everything is explained in both English and Montenegrin. CSUGC’s permanent collections are regularly updated and provide compelling, en-mode shows and exhibitions that showcase the work of both local and international artists.

2. Gallery Pizana

Art Gallery

A gallery that remains committed to showcasing the work of young, unknown Montenegrin artists, Gallery Pizana is a venue with a distinct vision. Aiming to make art more accessible and to spread the word about Montenegro’s unique talents worldwide, Pizana is one of the country’s most exemplary artistic spaces. A sprawling open area featuring artworks of every medium, the gallery has put Podgorica on the creative map and has featured works by eminent international artists, such as Andy Warhol and Sonja Đuranović. Since presenting their works at the European Art Fair in Geneva, this 1990s gallery has nurtured links with legendary art houses including Sotheby’s in London and Art Basel Miami Beach. A meeting place for Podgorica’s finest intellectuals and art buffs, guests can be sure to find something culturally exhilarating happening at Pizana.

3. Al Galerija

Art Gallery, Shop

A rare collection of classical and modern art in the centre of town, Al Galerija boasts works of famous sculptors and painters, such as Milo Milunović, Ace Prijić, Vojo Stanic, Milicof and Catherine Švabić. An inviting treasure cove of works small and large, the gallery has a warm, rustic atmosphere that simply can’t be found anywhere else in the city. A sense of timelessness is evoked when walking around the gallery and shop where original and exquisite watercolours, oil paintings and sculptures can be found on every surface and in every corner. With works exploring spiritual, cultural and social themes, Al Galerija provides thought-provoking moments of art appreciation.

4. Galerija Most

Art Gallery

Opened in 1994, Gallery Most is not just a contemporary gallery, but is also a cultural centre, playing host to regular artistic, cinematic and multimedia exhibitions. A community project with an eye for preserving Podgorica’s colourful history, from its Ottoman occupation to its role in the former Yugoslavia, Most’s artists explore a city whose heritage is derived from various distinct sources. You can view the works of some of the area’s most influential figures, including the famed painter and engraver Dado, a man born in Cetinje and whose work has been shown in Paris, New York and even at the Shanghai World Exhibition. Topical and stylish as well as refreshingly interdisciplinary, Most pushes the boundaries of the traditional art gallery, becoming a venue with a genre and purpose that are uniquely its own.

5. Petrović Palace

Museum, Park

The former home of the Petrović-Njegoš dynasty, a family who ruled Montenegro from the end of the 17th century until 1918, this pink country manor set within well-kept gardens on the banks of the Morača river is one of Podgorica’s most interesting historical buildings. Its ground floor is an ever-changing exhibition space, while the top floor hosts a collection of both modern and traditional works. Cosy and soaked in history, the gallery is home to a small collection of contemporary Yugoslavian pieces as well as donated paintings from all over the world, from places such as Egypt and South America. A truly regal and classic sight in the heart of an increasingly modernised city, this gallery is a fascinating exploration of Montenegro’s royal heritage.

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