Tourists Leave Hilarious Reviews for Iconic Attraction That No Longer Exists

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Remember the spectacular Azure Window in Malta? Yes, well then we’re sure you know it sadly collapsed, so we’re a little puzzled as to why a few angry tourists are leaving some pretty negative (and hilarious) reviews about it.

For centuries, tourists and locals used to flock to the spellbindingly beautiful island of Gozo to feast their eyes on one of Malta’s most iconic landmarks: the Azure Window. In fact, it was so famous it even had starring roles in hit TV shows like Game of Thrones!
Sounds stupendous, but there’s one problem – the rocky beast no longer exists.

After a horrendous storm swept the little island nation back in March, the arch is no more. Has this stopped tour guides from taking tourists to snap an Instagram of the former gem? Of course not. Wherever there’s a buck to be made, you’ll be taken there – standard. And here’s where the hilarity comes in. Tourists who’ve been on these tours of late have started leaving very funny, and very angry, one-star reviews for the attraction on travel site TripAdvisor.
Here’s just a few of them.

Geoff from Milton Keynes was far from happy…

Sallylou from Milburn, New Jersey, had plenty to say about Mother Nature…

Peter from London is not a fan of ‘nothing’…

Chris from the UK thinks the entire thing is a complete ‘waste of time’…

The wanderluster who hails from Wales is all about the shade…

And finally, this traveller went on a full blown rant…

Oh, humanity.
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