The 7 Most Important Jewish Sites in Lithuania

Vilnius Choral Synagogue
Vilnius Choral Synagogue | © FaceMePLS / Flickr
Kasparas Asmonaitis

Jewish people lived in Lithuania for many years and went through good and bad times, leaving huge footprints in the country’s history and culture. People who are interested in Jewish culture and lifestyle should definitely visit these great sites in Lithuania and learn more about the everyday life of local Jews.

1. Memorial Museum of Paneriai

Memorial, Museum

Memorial to Jewish Holocaust - Paneriai
© Adam Jones/Flickr
The Ponary massacre, a hideous event during which 70,000 Jewish people were killed, took place in Paneriai. To respect and honor the people who tragically died during the Holocaust, the Memorial Museum of Paneriai was established. In this museum, you can find photos of the victims, important documents, and the orders from the occupation authorities.

2. Saltoniškės Cemetery


Vilna Gaon grave
© Howard Lifshitz / Flickr
Saltoniškės Cemetery is a huge cemetery in Vilnius with many graves of the most important Jewish people who lived in Lithuania. Upon the visit to Saltoniškės Cemetery, you must ask the guard to lead you to the grave of Vilna Gaon which is usually closed.


Kedainiai is a very important town for the Lithuanian Jewish community so it would be a great idea to visit this beautiful place! There are a couple of fully restored synagogues, an active Jewish community, and a small and delicate Jewish cemetery where the victims of Holocaust are buried in peace. Also, Vilna Gaon used to live in Kedainiai when he was a child, so you can visit his first house, which is now an important site among local Jewish people.


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