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Cormorants nesting on the Curonian Spit | © Lazdynas/Wikimedia Commons
Cormorants nesting on the Curonian Spit | © Lazdynas/Wikimedia Commons
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Lithuania's Migratory Birds: Bird Species to Spot in the Summer

Picture of Elizabeth Georgian
Updated: 1 March 2017

With all of its natural forests, Lithuania, particularly the Curonian Spit, is an excellent location for birders and ornithologists. With numerous wetlands, bogs, and marshes, waterbirds are a common sighting. Pack your binoculars and bird guide and be prepared to spot Lithuania’s many bird species.

White Stork

The national bird of Lithuania, the White Stork (Ciconia ciconia), can commonlybe seen along road sides and in pastures. Approximately 13,000 pairs breed in Lithuania and they can be identified by their white body and black tipped wings. The White Stork is rather magnificent in flight, so don’t forget to also observe the species in the air. The bird is a long distance migrant that commonly winters in Africa, but spends its summers in Lithuania.