The Best Bars In Liepāja, Latvia

Ieva Matiejunaite

Liepāja is known as a progressive city with beautiful architecture, charming white sand beaches and a raging nightlife. It is not only considered the cradle of Latvian music and art, but it is also a great place to experience Latvian nightlife. So on that note, check out these bars that will enrich your experience of the city.

Midsummer Market

1. Kursas Putni

Bar, Tea , Vegetarian

Kursas Putni might just be the hippest bar in Liepāja. Its quirky and cozy interior, ecological wines, very friendly owner and staff and a variety of cocktails and snacks to go with the beers, all contribute to making it a favorite between artists, bohemians and students. The bar actively engages in collaborations with various performers so don’t be surprised if you find some local musician playing their guitar and singing about freedom and happiness while you’re there.

Red Sun Buffet Beach Bar

If you want to enjoy a drink while watching the sunset and listening to the beating of the waves, then this may be the perfect place for you. Situated on the stunning white sand beach that characterizes the city, Red Sun Buffet Beach Bar is a perfect place to relax with a coffee and doughnut during the day and a beer or cocktail during the night. Colorful surfing-themed signs outside the bar and soft reggae music in the background will ensure that you have a memorable experience.
Address: Red Sun Buffet Beach Bar, Liepaja Beach, Liepaja, Latvia, +3712585850

Liepāja beach

2. Darbnica Café

Bar, European

Latvian beers
© Christine Zenino/Flickr
Darbnica is a centrally located café/bar which functions very well as both a breakfast and lunch spot and an evening venue. The bar is atmospheric and modern. The highlight of the food menu are their delicious burgers while that of the drinks menu are the tasty Latvian beers. They also serve great coffee during the day. If you’re craving something sweet, you must definitely try their chocolate-banana cake.

3. Fire Bar

Bar, European

Probably the most popular club in Liepāja, Fire Bar is a place where artists, students and young people gather to listen to some good live music (mostly Jazz and Blues) and have some cocktails or a beer. This is a trendy and youthful place in the heart of the city, great for a night out with friends. The club hosts many different themed nights, from African music night to 80s or 90s-style parties.

4. Prison Bar

Bar, European

Liepaja from above
© Tiia Monto/WikiCommons
If you’re eager to experience some wild Latvian nightlife, then head to Prison Bar, which greets visitors with its black exterior and a barbed wire above the entrance. On weekdays the bar serves fast food like shawarma and fried chicken, while on Friday and Saturday nights it hosts hip hop, dub step and R&B parties until the early hours of the morning. Some other fun features of the bar include a game room with foosball and novuss tables and a digital jukebox.

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