The Best Restaurants In Liepāja

Photo of Ieva Matiejunaite
9 February 2017

Liepāja is the third-biggest city in Latvia and an important port on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Although it is not a very big city, it has some great restaurants that offer both traditional Latvian and international cuisines. Here’s our guide to some of the best restaurants in the area.

Liepaja city center | © Ignat Gorazd/Flickr


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Medus (“Honey” in Latvian) is a lovely restaurant located in the heart of Liepāja city center. The restaurant serves tasty, traditional Latvian food and has some great deals such as “business lunch”, which includes soup, a main course and a drink, or a main course, dessert and a drink, and costs around €4. There’s a terrace on the first floor which is great during the summer.

Bel Cibo

Bel Cibo (“nice food” in Italian) is a garden restaurant and as such is best enjoyed in summer (though it also has a lovely indoor space for the colder months). The quality of the food is excellent, since the ingredients get delivered once a week directly from Italy. The staff is very friendly and the owner always happy to chat with customers and explain the different dishes and ingredients available.

Address: BelCibo, Graudu iela 21, Latvia, +371 27 830 274

Restaurant Kolumbs

This hotel restaurant is an elegant and classy place that offers both Latvian and international cuisines. The prices are surprisingly low for the quality of the food and the location, while the selection of wines on the menu is more than decent. There are also good breakfast options, including porridge and pancakes.

A street in Liepaja | © Steve Haslam/Flickr

Barons Bumbier’s

This restaurant, located right in the center of the city, offers traditional Latvian dishes. It is quite large and has a few different rooms, so it’s one of the best options for business lunches, birthday parties and similar occasions. Lunch includes soup, salad or dessert plus a main course and a drink for around €4.

Vecais Kapteinis

Vecais Kapteinis is based in a very beautiful old house. The dining options in this restaurant are varied, including a large buffet and an a la carte menu. The food is fresh and delicious, with many different hot and cold dishes and a great selection of desserts. One of the best things about the restaurant is its regular live music evenings featuring various Latvian and foreign acts.

Address: Vecais Kapteinis, J. Dubelsteinaiela 14, Liepaja, Latvia, +371 63 425 522