The Top 10 Things To Do And See In Corso Magenta

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9 February 2017

Corso Magenta, one of Milan’s most traditional and elegant streets, and the area surrounding it date back as far as the 19th century and is steeped in history. Corso Magenta, the heart of the area, starts near the city’s banking and finance district and leads up to Corso Vercelli, a fashionable and lively shopping area. Along the way, visitors can find impressive sights, historic museums, beautiful shops, fantastic bars and restaurants. To make your visit easier, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best things to do and see in Corso Magenta.

Santa Maria delle Grazie | © mightymightymaze/Flickr

Admire Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper

Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece, Last Supper, is displayed on one of the refectory walls of Santa Maria delle Grazie – Milan’s most impressive basilica. This extraordinary piece of art, which was painted directly on the church wall by one of the most observing and inventive artists in Western history, is truly worth a visit. Created from 1495-1498, this oil and tempera painting was especially innovative in terms of its study of emotional reactions, which were captured in previously unknown naturalistic tendencies. Recently restored, due to the fading of the oil and tempera mixture, this jewel of Da Vinci’s collection shines in its old splendor.

Opening hours: Tue-Sun 8.15am-6.45pm

Via Guiseppe Antonio Sassi 3, Milan, Italy

Have Breakfast At Pasticceria Marchesi

Pasticceria Marchesi, at the junction of Via Santa Maria alla Porta and the famous Corso Magenta, is one of Milan’s oldest and most antique pastry shops and bakeries. Its beautiful traditional interior is still original and guests get to experience stepping back in time. However, this is not a place to dwell in the past, as in the typically Italian manner coffee and the occasional brioche or croissant are to be consumed at the bar. There is no elaborate seating area and Milanese locals are seen rushing in and out of Pasticceria Marchesi in the mornings.

Opening hours: Tue-Sat 7.30am-8pm, Sun 8.30am-1pm

Via Santa Maria alla Porta 11a, Milan, Italy, +39 02 862 770

Explore the Museo Archeologico

The Museo Archeologico, which is housed in the former convent of the Monastero Maggiore of San Maurizio, not only offers a variety of impressive cultures to explore within its walls but also the unique history of the building itself. On the ground floor, visitors can immerse themselves in the Ancient Milan section, presenting the fascinating past of the city, while the second floor houses the Etruscan section. The third floor is dedicated to Greek society and culture, ranging from theater to religion and presentations of life and death. Museo Archeologico is an incredibly diverse museum that gives equal attention to all cultures that influenced Milan over the centuries.

Opening hours: Tue-Sun 9am-7.30pm

Corso Magenta 15, Milan, Italy, +39 02 804 843

Get An Italian look At Bardelli

What is a trip through one of the most popular streets in Milan without popping into one of the shops along the way and purchasing a classic, and at the same time unique, item of Italian fashion? Bardelli, halfway up Corso Magenta, offers Italian fashion at its best; skilled and caring shop assistants will help you find the perfect Italian look for yourself.

Opening hours: Mon 3pm-7.30pm, Tue-Sat 10am-7.30pm

Corso Magenta 15, Milan, Italy, +39 02 8645 0734

Discover Teatro Litta

Teatro Litta is the city’s oldest and most antique theater that not only impresses with a Lombard baroque architecture but also with its varied performances, workshops and courses. The historic building alone is worth a visit, however, there is also an impressive number of theater performances, such as Enrico IV by Luigi Pirandello, or William Shakespeare’s Othello. An aperitivo in the artistic interior of Boccascena Café can complement every successful evening at Teatro Litta.

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10am-9pm

Corso Magenta 24, Milan, Italy, +39 02 805 5882

Buy Some Italian Music At Buscemi Dischi

Buscemi Dischi, on Corso Magenta, is one of the last independent record and music shops left that has yet to succumb to the trend of chains. From Italian artists to jazz and classical music to unique Japanese imports, Buscemi Dischi has something for every musical taste. If you find it hard to decide between the large amount of CDs and vinyl records, go for something classically Milanese to remember your trip by.

Opening hours: Mon 3.30pm-7.30pm, Tue-Sat 10am-7.30pm

Corso Magenta 27, Milan, Italy, +39 390 280 4103

Have An Aperitivo At 48

48, named after its location at Corso Magenta 48, is an intimate and stylish bar, especially popular for its traditional Milanese aperitivo. Wine and other drinks are served with a range of snacks, such as cheese and ham, and are to be consumed in the early hours of the evening. On Wednesday and Friday evenings 48 also feature special events with live music by local artists.

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10am-10pm

Corso Magenta 48, Milan, Italy

Buy An Italian Cookbook At Libreria Degli Attelani

Libreria Degli Attelani is a classic book shop on Corso Magenta that sells English books as well as a wide variety of international newspapers and magazines. It is, however, especially known for its fantastic picture books about Italy, the Lombardy region in particular, and traditional Italian cookbooks that help you take Milanese cuisine back home with you. As a special treat, Libreria Degli Attelani also regularly feature readings of past and contemporary authors as well as small photography exhibitions.

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 7.30am-7.30pm

Corso Magenta 45, Milan, Italy

Eat gelato at Parco Sempione

Parco Sempione is a 116 acre large park just outside the historic center of Milan. The park is the perfect place to relax when it’s sunny, and to enjoy some typically Italian gelato from one of the nearby places. At the same time, Parco Sempione houses a number of impressive historic buildings and monuments, such as the arch Arco della Pace, which was built for Napoleon’s arrival in the city, the Arena Civica, and the Pallazo dell’Arte.

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 6.30am-9pm

Piazza Sempione, Milan, Italy, +39 02 8846 7383

Enjoy The View From Torre Branca

Historical Landmark
Torre Branca (Branca Tower), Parco Sempione, Milan, Lombardy, Italy, July 2017
Torre Branca (Branca Tower), Parco Sempione, Milan, Lombardy, Italy | © Robert Smith / Alamy Stock Photo
The Torre Branca is a 108 meter tall tower in Parco Sempione that was built as one of the park’s most noteworthy monuments in 1933. A platform, which is 97 meters in height, gives visitors an amazing view of the park and even Milan’s historic center. The view is especially breathtaking in the evenings when the twinkling lights of the city make a trip to the viewing platform a magical experience. Opening hours: Mon-Sun 6.30am-9pm Piazza Sempione, Milan, Italy,

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