The Best Thrift Shops and Flea Markets in Sicily

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13 November 2017

Sicily commonly boasts magnificent architecture, timeless art, and stimulating culture but one of its most fun and captivating features is the lively street flea markets and thrift shops. Here, you can find a bounty of hidden treasures, unique ornaments, one-of-a-kind novelties and fashion. Let us present the best markets and thrift stores in Sicily for you to find some new cherished items.

The Piazza Peranni Antique Market, Palermo

Tucked away on one of Palermo’s oldest street, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, and shaded by the facade of a cherished cathedral you will find the eclectic antique market. A blend of storefronts and stalls line up selling a variety of collectible trinkets and hand-crafted gifts that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Read the story of Sicily painted on decorative vases, laced into colourful baskets, hidden in the fog of age-old glass bottles, and glimmering in the golden arabesques of furniture and picture frames. Get there early on Saturday or Sunday to snag some great deals on these unique treasures.

Pottery | ©Daniel Wanke/PixaBay

Palermo's Capo Food and Clothing Market, Palermo

Farmers' Market, Street Food
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Market | ©Dennis Jarvis/Flickr
Sprouting from the streets running along the city centre is an abundance of clothing stalls and booths. Ranging from colourful and slightly hokey souvenir tees to meticulously embroidered skirts, scarves, and blouses. Your senses will instantly begin to tingle from the aromas of pungent spices, sweet citrus, and sizzling seasoned meats permeating through the streets around you, leaking from the food kiosks nearby. Enjoy haggling with the local vendors and hook some excellent bargains on anything from elaborate jewellery and delicate hair accessories to stylish clothes. Open from 7am to 8pm, all day Saturday, it has a lot in store for you.

Luxury Hunters Vintage and Second Hand Shop, Palermo

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Vintage | ©Fancycrave/Pexels
Specialising in well preserved bags and purses, this little slice of fashion heaven has a variety of vintage and used iconic brands. Ranging from Prada, to Gucci, to Louis Vuiton, Luxury Hunters provide not only unique handbags for a great price but also in incredible condition. Along with other various accessories, you will be able to make a classical and chic statement with any purchase from this dapper boutique.

Al Mercato di Ortigia

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Scarf fashion
Scarf fashion | ©matuska/PixaBay
Located in the primary centre of Syracuse this animated market is a wonderland. You’ll instantly see locals and shoppers gesticulating wildly, bargaining and shouting over one another emphatically. Besides the wide range of delectable cheeses, breads, vegetables and fruit, it offers a series of racks and kiosks to buy lovely local clothes as well. Run your fingers through the fine threads, don well-designed sunglasses, or pick out a new hat – one of the favourite items sold in the market. Open every day but from around 6am to 1pm on Sundays.

Delorean Vintage Thrift Shop, Syracuse

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Occupying one of the pearly marble corners of Viale Regina Margherita in Syracuse is this trendy second hand shop. A bright red interior sucks you back in time to swirling 60s designs, boxy shoulder padded jackets or glamorous full skirts of the 50s, and an array of other awesome articles unique to different generations of Italian fashion. Whether you’re looking for a new pair of spectacles, earrings, or shorts, this Vogue-style concession shop will definitely have items to add to your collection.

Mercato di Piazza Carlo Alberto, Catania

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Slipper close up
Slipper close up | ©David Rosen/Flickr
Wind your way through this maze-like market for everything your shopping heart could desire. Pass the vendors hocking brilliant red tomatoes, heaps of fresh scaly fish, and a variety of succulent fruits. Then take in the aromas of delicious slow roasted nuts to the area where you can find recently shined men’s and women’s shoes, dangling scarves, suspended airy trousers and blouses, and then onto athletic wear, phone chargers, and handbags and sunglasses. Finally you’ll reach an area slightly more modest, flanked on either side by towering historic buildings and churches, where locals have blankets spread out with antique personal items and uncommon treasures to be bought.

Vestiland Thrift Store, Catania

Shop, Store
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Clothesline | ©JayMantri/PixaBay
Well-known to locals, this shabby-chic specialty shop has a tonne of vintage and second-hand clothes and accessories. They constantly have great sales on their great collection of retro apparel and change out their heap of great fashion regularly. If you’re looking for a snazzy new outfit to parade around in while travelling or a neat gift for someone back home, you will be able to find a surplus of original Italian conventions.

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