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Verona has always been fashionable | beckmann/Flickr
Verona has always been fashionable | beckmann/Flickr
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The Best Fashion Boutiques in Verona, Italy

Picture of Ione Wang
Updated: 19 October 2017

Verona is a super fashionable city, and those with a weakness for shopping will have no trouble finding places to indulge throughout the city, from department stores with big brand names to little boutiques run by locals. Here are some of Verona’s shopping spots that you can’t find anywhere else.

Patrizia Prencipe

This young native Veronese designer runs a gorgeous shop in the center of the city that has high-quality clothing, shoes and bags. You’ll find pieces here that are perfectly polished with just a hint of a creative edge, ideal for that big company meeting.

Patrizia Prencipe, Via Giovanni Zambelli 4A, Verona, Italy, +39 045 800 4319

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Acqua del Garda

This charming perfume shop is full of local pride. Not only is it named for the nearby Lake Garda, the perfumes are often inspired by the rich and lush smells of the natural landscape around Verona. The scents will transport you straight to the Veronese countryside, no matter where you are.

Acqua del Garda, Via Rosa, 8, Verona VR, Italy, +39 045 876 6960


This super-chic little shop in the student quarters of Veronetta features all kinds of rad vintage styles. It is meticulously curated and intensely stylish, so don’t be surprised when you walk out with a new statement piece.

Sottosopra33, Via Scrimiari, 3A, Verona VR, Italy, +39 045 803 1928

Courtesy of Sottosopra33

Courtesy of Sottosopra33

Riot Clothing Space

Fantastic prints and pops of color mix and match irreverently in this space, where Milanese designer Simone Villa has made his own unique vision come to life. It’s a lovely collision between traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetic. Often watched over by Villa’s tiny dog, the vibe of store itself, much like the clothing, is delightfully relaxed and eclectic.

Riot Clothing Space, Via Filippini, 10, Verona VR, Italy, +39 045 592680