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The 10 Best Restaurants In Orvieto, Italy
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The 10 Best Restaurants In Orvieto, Italy

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Orvieto is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. Located in southwestern Umbria, it’s renowned for vineyards and wine. There are also many interesting buildings and cultural sites which every tourist should visit here, along with some fine establishments to savor. Here is our list of our favorite restaurants.
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L’Antica Piazzetta

Located not too far from the local Duomo, this restaurant has a lovely outdoor area where customers can sit in the summer in the shade of two giant umbrellas. L’Antica Piazzetta features a wide and diverse menu which caters mainly to tourists with its flavors. It serves hearty pasta, good pizza, as well as a number of local dishes and excellent wines from the surrounding area. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and the staff is cordial and accommodating.
Address: via dei Gualtieri 2, Orvieto, Italy, +39 0763 343978

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Il Giglio d’Oro

Located on piazza Duomo, Il Giglio d’Oro is a Michelin-starred restaurant which offers its customers an enchanting view of the cathedral as well as a number of original, tasty dishes. As the website reads, their chef Enzo Santoni intends to employ ‘traditional cooking tempered with international admixtures in a contemporary vein’, thus imparting a fresh, innovative quality to the food. Previously housed in a renovated 16th century villa in the countryside and now located in one of the most wonderful piazzas in Italy, Il Giglio d’Oro is sure to be a pleasant memory to look back on.
Address: piazza Duomo 8, Orvieto, Italy, +39 0763 341903

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Trattoria del Moro Aronne

Situated just a few steps away from the Moro tower, Trattoria del Moro Aronne is one of the historic restaurants in Orvieto. With generous portions and friendly staff, this trattoria will leave an indelible mark on any tourist’s stay in the Umbrian city. They specialize in local food, with shaved truffles as an extra to some of the best primi and wild boar in the region. The atmosphere is rustic, rural, but always welcoming.
Address: via San Leonardo 7, Orvieto, Italy, +39 0763 342763

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I Sette Consoli

I Sette Consoli originated over 20 years ago from the ideas of its owner, a former banker, who decided to exploit his passion for cooking and that for wine (both inherited from his parents) in order to open a restaurant in central Orvieto. This is a fine location with a beautiful garden that’s perfect for sitting down and dining in.
Address: piazza Sant’Angelo 1A, Orvieto, Italy, +39 0763 343911

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Ristorante La Badia

Housed in a beautiful medieval building with a courtyard, Ristorante La Badia is part of a hotel and boasts some wonderful halls with high-vaulted ceilings. The decor is refined, with immaculate white table cloths and bare stone walls. What results is an atmosphere strongly reliant on the constructions of the past, which nods to contemporary elegance. This is reflected in the cuisine and the service at this restaurant: traditional recipes with a contemporary twist and a first-class front of house.
Address: Località la Badia 8, Orvieto, Italy, +39 0763 302132

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Ristorante al Pozzo Etrusco da Giovanni

Housed in a beautiful 15th-century building in central Orvieto, this restaurant offers home-made pasta and desserts as well as delicious mains all drawing on the local culinary tradition. In the restaurant you’ll find a well dating back to 500 BC, which used to be employed by the Etruscans as a cereal container. With seasonal menus changing periodically every year, Ristorante al Pozzo Etrusco is bound to impress.
Address: Piazza dei Ranieri 1A, Orvieto, Italy, +39 0763 341050

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Il Malandrino Bistrot

If customers are looking for a non-touristy place with great food and a friendly atmosphere, Il Malandrino Bistrot is highly recommended. The staff (especially the chef and proprietor) are attentive to customers’ needs and wishes and they will do their best to satisfy. Let them guide you through their menu and suggest a few appetizers (keep an eye out for the tomatoes with Bloody Mary dip) in order to make your meal a memorable one. At weekends there is always live music, whether jazz or a spot of local folk.
Address: via Garibaldi, Orvieto, Italy, +39 0763 344315

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Osteria Numero Uno

Osteria Numero Uno is one of the best places for tourists to embark on a gastronomic tour of Orvieto. The staff, cordial and welcoming, will guide any patron on a journey through the tastes and smells of the area, both via wine and through their food. The latter is prepared daily from only the freshest ingredients, all locally-sourced, giving diners an authentic local experience.
Address: via Ripa Corsica 2A, Orvieto, Italy, +39 0763 341845

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L’Antica Rupe

With a swish decor and a lovely, diverse menu with English explanations of the dishes, L’Antica Rupe is regarded as one of the must-try restaurants in Orvieto. It is most beloved by locals and especially by those who work in the surrounding area, who make up the regulars of this captivating place. Many visitors find it rather unusual, a bit off-the-beaten-track, but the food will overcome any resistance and will convince that there is a well-founded reason behind its popularity.
Address: Vicolo Sant’Antonio 2, Orvieto, Italy, +39 0763 343063

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Osteria del Grillo

Osteria del Grillo has been a well-known restaurant in Orvieto ever since the 1940s. Customers are offered a truly Umbrian sensory experience, with local cured meats and PGI and PDO certified cheeses and a great selection of wines. It is possible to choose from a complete à la carte menu or to fix a set menu with the staff, who are more than happy to arrange a special selection of food and wine.
Address: via dei Sette Martiri 7, Orvieto, Italy, +39 0763 393721