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The 10 Best Bars In Piazza Della Signoria And Duomo, Florence
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The 10 Best Bars In Piazza Della Signoria And Duomo, Florence

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Piazza della Signoria and Duomo are some of the most important parts of Florence, with the city’s top sights and attractions, great restaurants and fantastic bars. We have made finding a place to drink easier for you, and listed our 10 top bar picks below.
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Frescobaldi Wine Bar

Frescobaldi Wine Bar carries the name of one of the most renowned families in Italy, known for their great wines. Their selection of wines is showcased in this bar, located by the Piazza della Signoria, one of the main squares in Florence. Visitors will be able to discover a huge array of Italian wines produced in some of the country’s best vineyards. The bar also serves great appetizers that are a perfect compliment to the drinks on offer.

Address: Via dei Magazzini 2-4R, Florence, Italy,+39 055 284724

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The Cocktail Bar

This bar is great for cocktail lovers looking for a sophisticated place in which to enjoy a fun night out with classic drinks and fabulous company. Located by the Duomo, it is surrounded by some of the best sights in Florence, and is by some great restaurants too, so it really is an ideal place to go have fun after an exhausting day in this beautiful city. The gorgeous setting makes this a great choice for visitors who are not in Florence for long and want to make the most of their time here.

Address: Via delle Oche 15, Florence, Italy, +39 0552654511

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Another small locale, TuMiTurbi acts both as a restaurant and a bar, serving very good dishes. Here tourists will be able to taste authentic Italian fare in a calm environment with happy and upbeat décor. From ragu ravioli to tartufo taglierini this bar has it all, and visitors will certainly not be leaving this establishment with an empty stomach. After (or during) a hearty Italian meal, customers will undoubtedly be tempted by some of the great wines that this bar serves, rounding off a perfect meal.

Address: Via Lambertesca 22r, Florence, Italy, +39 055219162

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Mayday is a great, fun club, ideal for visitors who want a lively night out with great music and original, quirky drinks. It is located by the stunning Duomo, which is surrounded by great bars, so it is optimal for those wanting to go on a bar crawl. Start the night off here with one of their fusion drinks, such as their delicious pear, ginger and vodka mix, and then head to some of the other great bars on this list and explore Florence by night, when the lighting on the monuments and streets makes it even more romantic than in daytime.

Address: Via Dante Aligheri 16, Florence, Italy, +39 055 238 1290

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Old Stove

The Old Stove pubs are located in some of Florence’s most iconic squares, such as the Piazza della Repubblica, Piazza della Signoria and Piazza Duomo, making them very popular with tourists. Exchange students also love these establishments, so visitors are guaranteed to find a young and vibrant crowd when they enter one of the Old Stove pubs. Expect to find lots of beer, fun music and typical American food such, as hot dogs, burgers or sandwiches, all in an Irish pub atmosphere.

Address: Via Pellicceria 2, Florence, Italy, +39 055284640

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Bar Lambertesca

Bar Lambertesca is a fantastic place to go for a light meal and some exquisite drinks. It is a small and cute bar situated between the Piazza della Signoria and the iconic Ponte Vecchio, so it is perfect for those who are looking to keep exploring Florence after a quick drink or snack. It is open throughout the day for lunch too, so visitors who are in the vicinity should take advantage of the delicious Florentine foods that are served here.

Address: Via Lambertesca 6/R, Florence, Italy, +39 055 21 65 27

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Piccolo Vinaio

This might seem to some as an unusual pick for a bar, but we at The Culture Trip appreciate this quirky locale that serves its renowned sandwiches and wines from a counter to take away, or to enjoy standing up outside. The price reflects this informality, so tourists will be hard-pressed to find a cheaper option in the entire city for a quick snack and drink. Those who are uncertain about what to choose should simply ask the staff: they will recommend a yummy focaccia and the perfect wine to go along with it.

Address: Piazza Del Grano 10, 50122 Florence, Italy, +393476740407

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Amorino Panino e Vino

Amorino Panino e Vino, one of the best restaurants in this area, had to have a place on our list. It serves delicious wines with its scrumptious sandwiches. Here customers will be able to enjoy some great food that is made on the spot, guaranteeing its freshness and quality. There is a standard list of sandwiches, but if visitors have any special dietary requirements the owners are willing to make pretty much any sandwich, making eating here a custom experience.

Address: Via dei Servi 16r, Florence, Italy, +39 055 281081

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Enoteca Alessi

Enoteca Alessi is a lovely place to go for a degustation of fine Italian wines accompanied by some of the best cheese and charcuterie that Florence has to offer. The locale is very welcoming and charming, so visitors will be able to appreciate the fantastic products that are served in an elegant setting. The quality of everything that this bar serves is incredible, so even if the prices are a bit higher than those in some of the other establishments on this list, it is certainly worth it considering what they offer.

Address: Via delle Oche, 27-31, Florence, Italy, +39 055 214966

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La Cantinetta

La Cantinetta is a locale known for its flavorsome food and great atmosphere. The service here is incredible, as the staff do everything in their power to make clients feel comfortable and help them enjoy their meal as much as possible. The music at La Cantinetta accompanies the food wonderfully, and its great location means that a walk around the Duomo after finishing a fine meal here is a must.

Address: Borgo S. Lorenzo, 14, Florence, Italy, +39 055 213525