The 10 Best Bars In Garbatella, Rome

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With several venues for music, film and performance art, the Garbatella district is an increasingly popular place for late night drinks and a simmering nightlife. The area is a place of contrasts, with small rustic buildings and tranquil gardens surrounded by a rising number of edgy galleries, cutting-edge theaters, restaurants, cafes and bars. So, where should you go if you find yourself in Garbatella, and in need of a drink or a late night snack? We’ve listed the 10 best bars for you to enjoy the late-night culture of this exciting up-and-coming area of Italy.

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1. Bar dei Cesaroni

Bar, Pub Grub

Bar dei Cesaroni is a landmark in Garbatella, at least for the visiting Italian. Made famous by the hugely successful soap opera I’Cesaroni, the bar has become a destination among the fans of the TV show, which is broadcasted in Portugal, Greece, Turkey and the Czech Republic as well as in Italy. The bar is also a seat for the A.S. Roma football club, something that has its predicted effect on the interior of Bar dei Cesaroni. Perhaps more interesting for its cultural significance, the place is also a good spot to sit down with a drink and soak in the atmosphere of one of Garbatella’s bigger piazzas.

2. Enoteca 13 Gardi La Mescita

Bar, Wine Bar, Wine

La Mescita, Via Luigi Fincati
© Wendell/Flickr
Enoteca 13 Gardi La Mescita is a wine bar with a truly impressive list of Italian wines on its menu. A short walk from the Garbatella metro station, and located across from the Palladium Theater, the Enoteca offers a great opportunity for a drink before and after a performance. The bar is especially concerned with natural wines, that is, wine which is made with the least amount of intervention from technology or chemicals. With an enthusiastic staff, a great atmosphere, and the occasional live performance, Enoteca 13 Gardi La Mescita is an essential destination for the enjoyment of good wine.

3. L'Ambretta

Bar, Restaurant, Italian

© Jon Pinder/Flickr
Even closer to the cultural experiences available in Garbatella is L’Ambretta, resident restaurant and bar to the Ambra theater. Described as a place where ‘refinement and resourcefulness join hands’, the building, also containing a reading room and meeting rooms is bustling with cultural artifacts of every kind, surrounding the restaurant and bar. As the restaurant’s namesake, the iconic Italian l’Ambretta scooter features heavily in the modern, yet nostalgic, interior design.

4. Borgo della Marchesa

Bistro, Pub Grub

Borgo della Marchesa, Rome
© Geoff White/Flickr
If you’re looking for a place to have a drink with friends, Borgo Della Marchesa might just be the place for you. Close to the Via Libetta, a street full of clubs, music venues and a teeming nightlife, the Borgo Della Marchesa offers a relaxed, cool and urban refuge. Inside, you’ll find books scattered throughout the locale, as well as the odd armchair and an elaborate drinks menu. As a must in any trendy bar, there’s also a great selection of craft beer. The bar can also offer a menu of light meals, including vegetarian and vegan options, and every other Sunday, a market where vintage and handmade items are sold.

568 Public House Garbatella

Advertising themselves as little more than beer, music and more in the heart of Garbatella, 568 Public House is a chic establishment catering to the part of the public that emerges after dark. Tastefully decorated, with numerous kinds of beer on their menu, this bar is a perfect spot for a quiet, relaxing drink with friends. It’s slightly removed from the busy student nightlife in areas such as Via Libretta, and it’s closer to the restaurants of central Garbatella.
Via delle Sette Chiese 56, Rome, Italy, +39 333 537 4223

Otium Club

A relaxed affair situated in the middle of Garbatella, Otium Club has a wine list that goes on for pages upon pages, as well as the usual selection of beer, and a varied liquor options. The homely interior, relaxing ambiance and central location makes Otium ideal for a glass of wine after a long day of walking, as well as for those looking to start the evening in a laid back manner. Even with seating both outside and inside, this place is bound to be packed on Saturdays – don’t be late.
Via Roberto de Bobili 3b, Rome, Italy, +39 339 403 0804

5. Al Solito Posto

Bar, Italian

© Geoffrety Froment/Flickr
Close to the local Hotel Derby, Al Solito Posto is a stylish live bar facing out into the square outside. The bar is actively engaged in Aperock, an event that brings performers of all kinds to the Largo delle Sette Chiesewhere anything from pop to jazz, to art exhibitions and street performers entertain and perform. With live music, concerts, and a cozy atmosphere, Al Solito Posto is the perfect place to mingle with locals, where there is always something going on.

6. Rewild Cruelty-Free Club

Restaurant, Vegan

REWILD cruelty-free club, Via Giovannipoli, 18
© GmanViz/Flickr 
Bringing the new and urban feel of the Garbatella districts are establishments such as Rewild, a cruelty-free club serving vegan food and drinks to its customers. With numerous live music performances, exhibitions and screenings, this pub becomes an option and a meeting point for people interested in the vegan lifestyle. Rewild has a great selection of beers, and an enthusiastic staff ready to share with you the ideals upon which this place is run.

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