The 10 Most Unique Pizza Experiences From Around The World

Jessica Woodward

Italian cuisine has an enormous variety of tastes to offer, from the soft creaminess of risotto, to the crunch of bruschetta, to the ripe succulence of top-quality tomatoes and mushrooms. However, it is difficult to argue that any dish has reached heights of global popularity to rival pizza. The following ten experiences, from six continents, demonstrate that wherever you are, you may well not be far from a scrumptious – and possibly surprising – pizza pie.

Pizza, one of the world’s favourite foods

Asia | Showcasing the Versatility of Dough

While many pizzerias around the world liven up the bases of their pizzas by stuffing the crusts with cheese or meat, few have been quite as inventive as the pizza chains of South Korea. Seafood fans may try the shrimp roll crust, consisting of small dough bites from which protrude the tails of entire cooked shrimps. Alternatively, if your tastes are less nautical, you could sample the smooth, rounded sweet potato mousse crust. Perhaps the most interesting option however, is the cookie crust – a pie which, as its name suggests, is based on a sweet cookie mix and comes with blueberry dipping sauce.

Grande, South Korea

If a spicy topping is just not enough for you, you would be well-advised to head to Grande, a restaurant in the South Korean city of Yongin, where the idea of adding heat to your pizza is given a whole new meaning. Place your order and watch as the expert staff at this famed venue place your meal not in an oven, but straight onto your table, and promptly set it alight. After a few moments, the carefully controlled flames will die down, and the rich flavors of your chosen pie will apparently have been brought out to perfection. Startling and intriguing, this novel process has developed a reputation as one of Yongin’s key sights to witness.

Grande, South Korea, 서울특별시 광진구 워커힐로 177, +82 2-455-5000

South America | For Those Struggling Between Sweet and Savory

If you’re in Brazil, you can have both sweet and savory Pizza options at once. While sweet dessert pizzas are growing in popularity all over the world, South America’s largest country has long held a great fondness for a banana and cheese flavor. These pies have the typical mozzarella foundation, but combine it with liberal helpings of the yellow fruit, often with chocolate, cream, cinnamon, sugar and sometimes other fruits too. They are widely available at restaurant chains and are a popular choice to cook at home. Whether eaten warm or cold, they are an intriguing way to explore a mix of tastes that sound unpromising but prove delicious and will certainly expand your perceptions of pizza.

Via dei Tribunali, Naples

Pizza Hut, Australia

International pizza chains generally aim to appeal to individual markets by creating patriotic topping options, and Pizza Hut Australia is no exception. In January 2015, just in time for Australia Day, they released perhaps their most controversial pizza yet, which divided customers between rapturous delight and disgusted horror – The Mitey Stuffed Crust. As its name playfully suggests, this pie has an edge filled with the home-grown yeast spread Vegemite, which is similar to the UK’s much-maligned Marmite in that customers generally either adore it or hate it. For a classic Australian flavor that has endured changing tastes and fashions for over 90 years, it is worth braving a sample.

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