Weekly Workouts And Classes To Try In Dublin

Courtesy of The Elbow Room, Dublin
Courtesy of The Elbow Room, Dublin
Photo of Kate Phelan
27 October 2016

Whether you’re looking to get washboard abs, achieve tightrope-walker balance or just stretch some tired muscles, the many gyms and health clubs of Dublin have a class or regime to suit your needs. The latest model-approved fitness crazes are accounted for, as well as tried-and-tested disciplines like yoga and pilates. Grab your activewear and get moving with this list of the latest and greatest in the world of Dublin fitness.

Reformer Pilates

Form School is the baby of former international rugby player Gordon D’Arcy and model and artist Aoife Cogan. They run reformer pilates classes from elementary level up to advanced, as well as slower paced and prenatal lessons. The pilates reformer was created by the inventor of the discipline itself, Joseph Pilates. Consisting of a rolling platform held on a frame by springs, the reformer can be used for a wide variety of exercises in a range of poses, all of which build up intense core strength and stability while elongating muscles. Form school also offer ballet barre and yoga training.

📅 Elementary reformer pilates classes take place daily except Mondays: €95 for five classes, €20 drop-in

Animal Flow

One of 2016’s unexpected fitness crazes, Animal Flow is a new hybrid of gymnastics, hand balancing, breakdancing, body weight training and other exercise disciplines all blended together. Hands and feet remain grounded at all times – in animal-like positions – building mobility and endurance, and allowing you to get your cardio in without ever leaving the floor. Dublin-based personal trainer Kaman Ryan teaches a weekly evening Animal Flow class at Twirl Studio in the city centre – perfect for after work.

📅 Mondays at 7pm: €80 for six classes, €15 drop-in.

Adult Beginner Boxing

Boxing burns up to 500 calories per session and is a high-intensity form of exercise, meaning your body keeps burning them off long after you’re showered and moving on with your day. Described as Dublin’s premier amateur boxing club, Smithfield Boxing Club is a welcoming place to take up sparring, no matter your level of familiarity with the sport. Founded by Igor Khmil – a former assistant coach for the Ukrainian national team – this club doesn’t only train advanced boxers. They take in new members of any gender every Monday and Wednesday evenings at 8pm, as well as proving BoxFit training.

📅 Adult beginner classes Monday and Wednesdays at 8pm

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Slow Vinyasa Yoga

For anyone seeking a workout that’s more soothing than sweat-drenched, The Elbow Room yoga studio and wellness hub’s weekly Slow Vinyasa Yoga classes will be right up your street. Focusing on moving between asanas or postures slowly at a fluid pace, these classes allow you to ease and release your body into the movements gently – perfect if you are prone to excess body tension. With the added benefits of mental clarify and relaxation, this is a holistic way to tone up. (This class isn’t suitable for total newcomers to yoga – see our list of the best Dublin yoga studios for beginner-friendly alternatives.)

📅 Thursdays at 8.30pm: €69 for 30 days of unlimited classes, €15 drop in.

Metabolic Fitness

If you’re looking to get really disciplined and go down the personal trainer route, Metabolic Fitness on Drury Street comes highly recommended. Former Miss Universe Ireland, model and wellness fanatic Roz Purcell trains here, making the most of founder Dave Peelo’s dedication to creating a realistic, results-driven programme for each of his clients. Combining nutrition advice with a personalised metabolic training formula, they aim to get your body working at its most efficient level, allowing for less frequent workouts. As well as private weekly training, they also offer a female-only group training service. See their website for more details.

📅 Open daily from 7am to 9pm.

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