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15 Photos That Show Ireland Is the Perfect Fall Travel Destination
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15 Photos That Show Ireland Is the Perfect Fall Travel Destination

Picture of James Hendicott
Updated: 28 October 2017
There’s a long-standing joke in Ireland that the main difference between the seasons is not so much the weather but the way people adjust their dress sense to pretend it has changed. In a mild Atlantic climate prone to plenty of rain, the evenings start to draw in throughout autumn, the leaves change colour, the pubs get more crowded and certain cultural aspects come to the fore.

Whether you’re looking to delve into the world of local GAA (which peaks in the mid-autumn evenings with county club finales), experience the trad music scene or explore the countryside at its most mystical looking, this is a great time to drop in.

Ireland is pretty great any time of year,

The Cliffs of Moher
The Cliffs of Moher | © Miks/Shutterstock

but autumnal weather really brings out the colours

Lough Tay
Lough Tay | © GreenPicturesMedia/Shutterstock

in the green-space-filled cities,

The Grand Canal, Dublin
The Grand Canal, Dublin | © Cait Eire/Shutterstock

and the sweeping, empty countryside.

Tipperary Hill
Tipperary Hill | © mikroman6/Shutterstock

It’s the perfect time for a hike,

Shimna River, Tollymore
Shimna River, Tollymore | © Sara Winter/Shutterstock

to find something very old,

Poulnabrone Portal Tomb, The Burren
Poulnabrone Portal Tomb, The Burren | © By Patryk Kosmider/Shutterstock

or to just to be alone

The Dark Hedges, Ballymoney
The Dark Hedges, Ballymoney | © Michal Durinik/Shutterstock

in beautiful open spaces

Glendalough | © Tiramisu Studio/Shutterstock

and connect with nature.

A field in Tipperary
A field in Tipperary | © mikroman6/Shutterstock

While you’re here, we invented Halloween, and it’s a huge deal.

Halloween in Ireland
Halloween in Ireland | © Cait Eire/Shutterstock

We even have a huge, intimidating parade.

The Macnas Parade, Galway
The Macnas Parade, Galway | © Shutterstock

Our unique sports, hurling and Gaelic football, are reaching their passionate club finales.

Gaelic football in Croke Park
Gaelic football in Croke Park | © Eoghan McNally/Shutterstock

And there’s no better spot in the world in fall than a warm Irish pub

The Temple Bar
The Temple Bar | © Madrugada Verde/Shutterstock

with intimate, traditional music

Traditional Irish music
Traditional Irish music | © Rolf G. Wackenberg/Shutterstock

and days topped off with Ireland’s must-have winter drink, hot whiskey with lemon.

Hot Whiskey
Hot Whiskey | © Billion Photos/Shutterstock