Top 10 Local Bars In Veszprém, Hungary

Top 10 Local Bars In Veszprém, Hungary
Veszprém, known as the “City of Queens,” is one of Hungary’s hidden treasures, with its winding streets, steeply inclined thoroughfares and numerous romantic corners. There are many top-notch bars to choose from too. We list the best places for a drink in Veszprém.
Veszprém Castle – Photo By Author


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Fricska | ©
Fricska means “jape”, mischief or a prank. This philosophy is immediately apparent when you enter this culture-pub, situated right on the banks of the Séd brook. A curious mixture of an old vernacular house and a “pub ruin,” it offers street food (sandwiches and cakes) as well as a daily menu. Books on the shelves, cozy pillows and games, occasional reading evenings, concerts and children’s activities all combine to guarantee a good time.
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Kultúrmacska café

Kultúrmacska means “culture cat” in English, and no, it is not a mistake: in this café there are real cats to entertain and to be entertained by while you drink; all in a cozy environment, surrounded by warm brick walls and full of sagging armchairs The coffees and teas are great too, as is the selection of homemade cakes, sandwiches and goffri.

Madách street 13 Veszprém, Hungary +36 88 870 867

Ikon café and bar

In the heart of Veszprém, Ikon is a great place for a coffee before work, or your favorite cocktail after a long and tiring day. There’s also a chance to party through Friday and Saturday night on their terrace, or inside if the weather is not favorable.

Szabadság square 4 Veszprém, Hungary +36 88 781 119

Dekanter bistro

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At the foot of the Castle, this bistro offers a good selection of wines along with the panoramic view. Take a seat on the cobblestone terrace with a glass of Chardonnay and just watch the people going by. If you get hungry, there is a fine selection of luxurious foods, from roasted duck breast to gnocchi, and if you fell in love with one or two of the wines, you can buy a bottle to take home.
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Skorpió Irish Pub

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St. Patrick's Stout & Wieses Ale
St. Patrick's Stout & Wieses Ale | ©Bernt Rostad
Situated in the middle of the city center yet away from the bustling traffic, this Hungarian-Irish pub provides a relaxing place to stop for a while. The antique furniture, old pictures and higgledy-piggledy space inside take you back to days gone by. Have a glass of Hungarian wine or English cider, or even try a glass of “green fairy,” absinthe.
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Kávé és teaház az Íródeákhoz

This café, standing in the library’s garden, is a hidden, cozy spot for tea or hot chocolate, or even for a good shot of spirits. The interior is full of books lining a semi-shaded space which you can enjoy while sitting on soft cushions. The coffee is good too, and every milky drink can be prepared with lactose-free milk.

Grand Canyon Beer Bar and Music Pub

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Situated in the popular Kossuth Street, Grand Canyon is an easily accessible bar. The interior takes you to America’s “Wild West”, with cow hides hanging from the wooden walls and other cowboy gear around the spot. Try the best beers and drinks, and don’t miss out on their special music events; check their Facebook page if you are interested.
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This weirdly shaped building stands beside the main road, and you can’t miss it; it looks like a giant tuning-fork. Accordingly, a schedule of concerts and lectures takes place here; you can check them out on their website. But not only can you experience great musical events, there are wine evenings and a regular coffee and tea menu with lots of lovely cakes.

Brusznyai street 2 Veszprém, Hungary+36 88 889 179