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Coffee | ©Matt Biddulph / Flickr
Coffee | ©Matt Biddulph / Flickr
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The 10 Best Coffee Shops In Budapest, Hungary

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Budapest is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities and full of coffee culture. However, since it is quite a big city it might be difficult to find that one perfect coffee shop to enjoy your breakfast or afternoon cup. We list 10 cafes that promise not to disappoint.
Pedra da Gavea |© Jorge Franganillo / flickr
Pedra da Gavea | © Jorge Franganillo / flickr
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Espresso Embassy

Espresso Embassy is one of the first of the third-wave cafés in Budapest. It takes its name from the Embassy of Montenegro located next door. This is a quirky coffee shop with contemporary industrial design and a strong focus on tasty and aromatic coffee. The coffee beans from which the coffee at Espresso Embassy is made can also be purchased in the café; you will find the coffee bags arranged on the shelves. The food menu offers a few cakes and pastries.

Espresso Embassy, Arany János utca 15, Budapest, Hungary, +36 20 445 0063

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Coffee Shop 64

Simply named after it’s street number and only two years old, Coffee Shop 64 has become a firm favorite of coffee enthusiasts in Budapest. Choose from an array of quality coffees (all ecologically certified) on offer, perfectly accompanied by one of their freshly-made croissants. It may be a small place but the atmosphere is cozy and the staff are very friendly. There are limited seating options so best get there early.

Coffee Shop 64, Rákóczi út 64, +36 20 593 1813

Cup of coffee | © James Joel/Flickr
Cup of coffee | © James Joel/Flickr
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First Strudel House of Pest

This café with a self-explanatory name is definitely one of the best places to have the traditional Hungarian pastry, strudel, accompanied by a cup of coffee or tea. The strudel menu offers a large variety of fillings, both sweet (such as cherry or rhubarb strudel) and savory (such as cabbage or salmon strudel). What’s more, the café is centrally located and the atmosphere and service are warm and welcoming.

First Strudel House of Pest, Oktober 6 u. 22,Budapest, Hungary, +36 1 428 0134

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Praga Coffee & Tea House

This trendy café has long been a meeting point for students, artists and locals. The cozy, vintage-looking interior sets a great atmosphere for friendly conversations accompanied by a good cup of coffee. The menu also offers a variety of burgers served with a generous portion of fries, one of the customers’ favorite being the duck breast burger. The staff in this café is known for being kind and attentive to customers.

Praga Coffee & Tea House, Baross Utca 8,Budapest, Hungary, +36 1 486 1937

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Azték Choxolat

Azték Choxolat is renowned for its homemade bonbons, specialty chocolates and all sorts of hot chocolate drinks. Their hot chocolates are known for being among the best in Budapest. Additionally, the café serves excellent coffee providing a choice between Robusta and Arabica blends. All the drinks, pastries and cakes are made on the premises. The café is cozy and homely, with big armchairs to sit next to the windows and a few little wooden tables outside.

Azték Choxolat, Karoly Krt. 22, Budapest, Hungary, +36 30 225 1883

Hot Chocolate © Pexels
Hot Chocolate | © Pexels
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Alexandra Book Café

This café, located on the upper floor of the former Paris Department Store, might just be one of the most beautiful coffee shops you’ve ever been to. The interior is richly decorated in ornate Neo-Renaissance style with gold as the predominant color. Its ceiling is covered in colorful frescoes by Károly Lotz, one of the most talented Hungarian artists of the 19th century whose works can be seen in many other buildings in Budapest. The most unexpected aspect about Alexandra is probably the prices; although the building is beautiful and luxurious and the coffees and cakes are good quality, the café is hardly more expensive than other regular coffee shops in Budapest.

Alexandra Bookstore Café, Andrássy út. 39, Budapest, Hungary, +36 1 461 5830

Alexandra Bookcafe, Budapest, Hungary |© Sarah Stierch / Flickr
Alexandra Bookcafe, Budapest, Hungary | © Sarah Stierch / Flickr
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Walzer Café

This quirky café with colorful décor and friendly atmosphere is located outside of the city center, on the other side of the Danube River. Hosted in a 700-year-old building in the heart of Budapest’s historic Castle district, Walzer Café is a great place for breakfast and afternoon coffee breaks. The café serves wonderful coffee and cakes as well as a variety of lunch/brunch options such as sandwiches, quesadillas and various pastries. For those visiting with kids, they also have a small station with some paper for them to color and to books read.

Walzer Café, Táncsics Mihály u. 12, Budapest, Hungary, +36 30 250 5971

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Zenit Café

Zenit Café is a coffee house located in the heart of Budapest’s former Jewish district. Their coffee is prepared from freshly roasted coffee beans and served in cute little glass cups. The cakes are delicious and beautifully decorated. Visitors can admire the beautiful Great Synagogue in front of the café while enjoying their hot drink. There’s a small menu of savory food too; try the Zenit toast and grilled Camembert.

Zenit Café, Dohany u. 1a by Great Synagogue, Budapest, Hungary, +36 1 308 5032

Camembert and Bread |© Mark Tighe / Flickr
Camembert and Bread | © Mark Tighe / Flickr
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Piccolo Café

This little café situated in one of the lovely squares that characterize Budapest’s old town is well known by locals for making top-quality Italian coffee. They serve one of the best espressos in the country and also offer appetizing sweet pastries. For a more filling meal, try their fresh and tasty panini or piadinas, two italian specialties.

Piccolo Café, Jokai ter. 6, Budapest, Hungary, +36 70 773 21715 2153

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Café Intenzo

Café Intenzo is a lovely old café located in Southern Pest, just off Raday street. The café is loved for its good food and coffee, the free wifi, the welcoming staff and the garden at the back where customers can sit in candlelight and watch the sunset in a romantic ambience. Apart from coffees and teas, the menu offers a varied selection of food including some traditional Hungarian dishes such as hearty goulash soup.

Café Intenzo, Kalvin Square 9, Budapest, Hungary, +36 1 219 5243