Top Things To Do In District VII, Budapest

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Street food, pubs, kosher shops, trendy hotels and exhibitions – the VII District of Budapest is a true hipster land-of-plenty. Here are the best things to do and see in the area.

Ruin bars and pubs

There is an immense number of good bars and pubs in the VII district, and it is worth it to visit at least one ruin pub. Szimpla Kert is very well-known and popular, and a must-see if you are in Budapest. A former factory was converted into an open air cinema and pub, which serves with a unique terrain for concerts, theater shows and exhibitions. Your next stop can be the Warm Up Bar, where you can ask for your desired flavor and the barman will create a cocktail just for you. If you are near to Gozsdu Court, definitely have a look into the Blue Bird Karaoke Bar, which has a great selection of songs for lovers of singing.

Szimpla Kert Address: Kazinczy utca 14, Budapest, Hungary phone: +36 1 352 4198

Warm Up Bar Address: Nagy Diofa u. 26., Budapest, Hungary phone +36 30 964 0674

Blue Bird Karaoke Address: Dob Utca 16, Budapest, Hungary phone +36 30 208 0580

Szimpla Kert Ruin Bar, District VII, Budapest

Wall rehabilitation program

It might not sound surprising, but the wall rehabilitation program breathes new life into old, enormous and grey house walls in the district. Started in 2013, the enthusiastic participants have renovated quite a few parts of Elizabethtown. The best pieces can be seen at the junction of Klauzál square – Dob street, in Király street, Akácfa street, and, probably the most famous of all is in Rumbach Sebestyén street: a painting of the legendary Hungary-England football match which ended with a score of 6:3 in 1953.

Rumbach Sebestyén street, District VII, Budapest

The first evening market in Budapest

If you haven’t been to a traditional Hungarian market, you might not understand why they are so cherished. In general, there are only certain days for markets and they close very early, so if you weren’t quick enough, the only place to buy vegetables or fruits will be shops and supermarkets instead of the farmers’ stands. So the market is open from 1pm until 9pm every Thursday, with live music, fresh food, handmade cheese and sausages, and if you wish, you can have a warm dinner here too.

Address: Király street 8-10., Central Passage, Budapest, Hungary

People eating outside of Klauzal Cafe, District VII, Budapest

Escape games

There are many of these challenging games in Budapest, and several only in VII District. If you like logical riddles and role-playing, these places offer a high quality service for a reasonable price, and in return you will have a time you will never forget. The best places to go are Gozsdu Mission, E-Exit Escape Game and Exit point. These places certainly leave your brain fried but the mission is worth it. It’s best to go with at least three or four people, a clean head and a lot of energy.

Gozsdu Mission Address: Dob utca 16. Gozsdu Courtyard | “F” Courtyard Basement, Budapest, Hungary phone +36 20 372 5454

E-Exit Escape Game Address: Nyár u. 27., Budapest , Hungary phone +36 30 889 3633

Exit point Address: Akácfa utca 49 | Fogas Garden, Budapest, Hungary phone +36 20 375 5055

Cultural tours

There are plenty of them – you can choose whatever fits your interests. Some of the tours:

Alessandro’s walking tour – a passionate and genuine walk through the district, accompanied by the real remnants of communism, cheap traditional bars, hidden spots, stories and not just boring dates you wouldn’t remember. Tours are held in Italian or in English, and the guides are very flexible.

Address: Josika street 25, Budapest Hungary phone +36(30)3819053

BS Student Group Tours – a nice and supportive team of young locals, organizing tours for bigger groups or for private tourists. Don’t miss it if you want to have an authentic and good-humored insight into the city’s life and know the best places to eat and drink.

Address: Csanyi St 7, Budapest, Hungary phone +(36)205818594

Free Pub Crawl Budapest – a fantastic way to experience the nightlife with awesome guides who know how to ease the first minutes when meeting new people. The guides show the best ruin pubs with great atmosphere, and there is no pressure to drink too much.

Address: Akacfa utca 1, Budapest, Hungary phone +36 20 357 5791, phone +36 20 357 5791

Koleves Bar, District VII, Budapest

Great/Central Synagogue

This religious center is the largest in Europe and one of the largest in the world. The Hungarian Jewish Museum can be found in the same building. Interestingly, the onion-shaped domes were the first ones built in this style in the world, and many synagogues built afterward bear this now typical architectural design. Occasionally, this place hosts great musical events, due to having fantastic acoustic features. No wonder that Franz Liszt played at the opening ceremony; nowadays the huge organ is played by the Hungarian organist Xavér Varnus.

Address: Dohany u. 2-8, Budapest, Hungary phone +36(01) 342 2353

Central Synagogue, District VII, Budapest

New York Palace

This is an amazing restaurant and café with stunning décor, Venezian chandeliers, crimson puffy chairs and giant mirrors, lending to an aristocratic atmosphere. The building itself stands imposingly on the Nagykörút (one of the main arteries of the city) and has a great history. At the beginning of the 19th century, this café was the brain and heart of Hungarian literature for having hosted all the great writers and poets of the time. Rumor has it that at the opening evening one of the patrons threw the keys into the Danube, compelling the café to stay open day and night.

Address: Erzsebet korut, 9-11, Budapest, Hungary +36 1-8866-167 Open: every day 9am-12pm

New York Palace, District VII, Budapest

Miksa Róth Memorial House

This is a nice little museum in the former home of Miksa Róth, an artist in glasswork. His works can be found in several places in Budapest. The museum displays not only his artistic pieces, but all the techniques he used.

Opening Hours: Tues-Sun 2 p.m.-6 p.m.

Address: Nefelejcs u. 26., Budapest, Hungary phone +36 1 341 6789

The Kitchen Pixie – Private Dining and Cooking Classes

If you’re into cooking and your philosophy is to get to know the places through their food, then this the place for you. Offering Hungarian and Jewish cooking classes and private dining, The Kitchen Pixie has a lovely and welcoming atmosphere that makes the hours fly by. The price includes the taxi service as well, so don’t worry if you drink too much before your meal.

Address : Kiraly Street 77 | 1/17, Budapest, Hungary phone +36 30 515 7938

Tolto Sandwich, District VII, Budapest

Madách Theater

Don’t hesitate if you don’t speak Hungarian – there are shows with subtitles, like The Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Spamalot and so on. An intimate, small theater with a passionate and dedicated team, it doesn’t always follow Western trends, but it certainly is a unique experience.

Address: Erzsebet krt. 29-33, Budapest, Hungary phone +36 (1) 4782000

Madach Theater

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