Athens' Best Spots For A Unique Night Out

Night view of Athens from Lycabettus Hill |© Slayer/Flickr
Night view of Athens from Lycabettus Hill |© Slayer/Flickr
Photo of Ethel Dilouambaka
29 November 2016

In a marvelous city of ruins and concrete like Athens, you are bound to find a good time just waiting for you around the corner. With a dynamic nightlife scene, perennial landmarks, a sea of funky bars and exquisite restaurants, Athens has a plethora of entertainment on offer. However, if you’d like to explore the more unusual and less obvious side of the city and discover what you can do in Athens to spend a night you will always remember, then be sure to check out our list of suggestions below.

Join the fun at Allou! Fun Park

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Allou! Fun Park
Allou! Fun Park | Courtesy of Allou Fun Park
Spend a night of fun and entertainment at Allou! Fun Park. If you didn’t know, Athens has a theme park! OK, it might not be the strangest theme park in the world – or the largest, so there is no danger of getting lost – but Allou! Fun Park has no ambition of competing among the giants. All it wants is to offer you fun times! Divided into a park entirely for children (up to eight years old) and one for teenagers and adults, Allou! is definitely a change from the ancient treasures Athens has to offer. Just be sure to have a light dinner before getting there, as some of the rides are rather… powerful.

Chill out with a movie at an open-air cinema

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Vasilios Koutroumanos
Vasilios Koutroumanos | Courtesy of Ciné Thissio
There is no denying that outdoor movie-going is an old tradition in Greece, and for good reason. Take advantage of the good weather and, while they are still open, visit one of Athens’ many open-air cinemas. The city is filled with them, but for a majestic movie experience, we recommend Ciné Thisio. Located on the scenic pedestrian walkway linking Thissio to the Acropolis, the cinema offers excellent views of the rock monument while screening the latest blockbusters, as well as classics. Enjoy a bucket of popcorn and a movie under the stars and, when you’re done, head over to one of the many bars in the neighborhood for a nightcap to a night to remember.

Dine under the stars at Electra Palace Hotel Athens

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While the weather allows for it, there’s nothing better than dining al fresco. Treat yourself to a romantic dinner and dine at the Electra Palace Hotel’s rooftop garden. Take the elevator to the fifth floor of this elegant hotel located in Plaka and savor the freshest Mediterranean cuisine, with a stunning view of Greece’s main landmark, the Acropolis. And, if you really want to splurge, move the party to one of the hotel rooms for the perfect ending to a dreamy night.
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Dance the night away at the bouzoukia

You cannot enjoy everything Greece has to offer and skip one of the main traditions: a night at the bouzoukia. If you are not familiar, the bouzoukia – coming from the Greek word bouzouki, the traditional stringed instrument central to traditional Greek music – are live music clubs where famous Greek singers perform for an entire season, much like the residency shows of Las Vegas. In the past, it was at the bouzoukia where people would smash dishes to demonstrate their joy. This expressive – and rather destructive custom –has been replaced by the more manageable tradition of throwing a great number of flowers to the stage in honor of the singer and their talent. During the summer months, most of them switch to their summer locations along the Athens Riviera on Poseidonos Avenue. Club22, Stavros tou Notou and Votanikos are excellent bouzoukia establishment where you can discover this unique experience.

Πάνος Κιάμος… Ακόμη ένα εκρηκτικό φινάλε στο «Club 22»! Ένταση, πάθος και δυνατές ερμηνείες στο κλείσιμο της χειμερινής σεζόν του «Club 22»!!! Ο μοναδικός Πάνος Κιάμος απέδειξε για ακόμη μια χρονιά πως γνωρίζει καλά τι θα πει διασκέδαση και… πρωταθλητισμός!!! Σε ένα κατάμεστο μαγαζί, ιδιαίτερα συγκινημένος ο αγαπημένος όλων ερμηνευτής, ευχαρίστησε το κοινό για την αγάπη, την στήριξη και την εντυπωσιακή προσέλευση για έξι συνεχόμενους μήνες ενώ αποκάλυψε πως σύντομα θα βρεθεί κοντά μας σε πιο… καλοκαιρινή διάθεση!!! Φέτος απολαύσαμε στο πλευρό του Πάνου Κιάμου στο «Club 22» την λαμπερή Αγγελική Ηλιάδη η οποία ευχαρίστησε με τη σειρά της το κοινό και τον Πάνο Κιάμο για αυτή την μαγική σεζόν καθώς και το δυναμικό συγκρότημα «Kings», τον νικητή του «The Voice 2» Κώστα Αγέρη και την ταλαντούχα Ζωή Χρήστου!

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Watch a performance at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus or Lycabettus theater

During summer, both the Odeon of Herodes Atticus and the open air Lycabettus theater are frequently used for live performances. The former focuses mostly on theater, opera and more classical choices, while the latter has hosted hundreds of famous bands and artists from around the globe, such as Pink Martini, Césaria Évora, Angélique Kidjo, Buena Vista Social Club, Peter Gabriel, PJ Harvey, Thievery Corporation, Morrissey and many more. Whether Puccini is your cup of tea, or the Scorpions are more likely to rock your boat, both these outdoor theaters are guaranteed to offer you an incredible experience.

Discover rembetika, the Greek blues

You cannot be in Greece and not be down for a night of nostalgia and Greek blues. Rembetika (or rebetika) is a style of music born in the 1920s, its roots in the Smyrneika songs brought over by Greek refugees after the Asia Minor destruction. There is a great number of Greek rembetika venues across town where you can enjoy a night of delicious house wine and sweet melancholy. Who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised as an impromptu rembetiko dance transpired right in front of your eyes.

Take the whole city in

When in Athens, do like the ancient Greeks. Indeed, in ancient Greece, the Areopagus – a bare marble rock located right across from the entrance of the Acropolis – was the place where the council of elders used to meet to judge serious crimes and homicides. It is also where Apostle Paul preached against the widespread paganism of Athenians. Nonetheless, today it is a place where locals like to take an evening stroll to get a view of the city from up high. On a warm evening – of which Athens has many – grab your drinks, snacks and bluetooth speaker and climb up the hill to enjoy an incredible view of the city and a stunning close-up of the Acropolis. Word of caution: the rocks can get quite slippery so forget your stilettos, and remember to keep your belongings close.

Areopagus of Athens, Acropolis hill, Athens, Greece

Take a tour of the best bars downtown

With such a dynamic and vibrant nightlife available in Athens, a bar crawl is an excellent option to discover the colorful variety of bars downtown. Book a tour and get an introduction to Athenian bar culture via Athens Bar Crawl or, if you’re more of an independent watering-hole explorer, why not tailor your own bar crawl? Whether you enjoy whiskey, beer, wine or even sake, the city center offers a plethora of options.

For a wild night of sake: Sushimou, Furin Kazan, Koi Sushi Bar, Aji Sushi

For delicious cocktails and strong spirits: The Gin Joint, Noel, The Clumsies, Baba au Rum, 42 bar

For a night that would make Dionysus blush with envy: By the Glass, Oinoscent, Heteroclito, Vintage Wine Bar & Bistro

Enter new realms of relaxation

If you want to enjoy a quiet and relaxing evening in town, then head to the only hammam baths in Athens. Spoil yourself with a day of relaxing and pampering and, after a cup of Turkish tea, leave feeling refreshed and revived. To end your night on a high point, stroll along the train tracks of Thissio and have dinner at Kuzina, while enjoying an incredible view of the Acropolis. Who says you have to stay up until the wee hours of the morning to have a great time?

Hammam Baths, Agion Asomaton 17, Thissio, Athens, Greece, + 30 21 0323 1073

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