You'll Feel Right at Home in this Athenian Breakfast and Brunch Joint

Courtesy of Spiti Mas
Courtesy of Spiti Mas
Ethel Dilouambaka

Looking for a breakfast and brunch place where the food is delicious and the living is easy? This pocket-size homey eatery in Psyrri, surrounded by antique and vintage furniture dealers, is a perfect stop to start the day like a champ. Plus, if you really dragged your feet out of bed to get ready, we’ve got good news; you may jump back into one at Spiti Mas.

Located in the colorful and lively Psyrri, in central Athens, Spiti Mas (Our Home) is a cute little café where you can sample delicious breakfast and brunch, tasty soups and pies in a warm environment. But the bonus point of this cosy and bright place is that it looks nothing like a typical café but more like a home. Inside you won’t find the traditional table and chairs (though there are some) but rather furniture set up as a small studio apartment. The kitchen behind the bar looks like any typical kitchen, while the cosy corner living room or the home office area, with a desk and chair will definitely make any designer from Marie Claire Maison envious. Want to enjoy your breakfast in bed? Go right ahead!

Courtesy of Spiti Mas

Spiti Mas was created by a team of four people, Athena Gazani, Barnabas Filipou, Chrysida Kataga and Inoi Prendoulis, who wanted to establish a place where their customers would feel at ease and be open to connect with fellow customers and staff. An easy bet since Spiti Mas is located underneath two Live in Athens flats, often rented out for short or long-term stays in the capital. Another bonus is the fact that smoking is forbidden inside the café, which makes it a great option for family-friendly outings.

Courtesy of Spiti Mas

And if all these reasons haven’t convinced you to visit it yet, a brief summary of Spiti Mas’ hand-drawn menu might do. If you are an egg lover, then you are in luck as the menu includes a selection of omelets and egg dishes, breakfast options like toast or the scrumptious “Athenian pies”, burgers, soups and other homemade specialties. Let’s not forget the delicious coffee served on the premises or to take away served in coffee cups with cute drawings that you will hesitate to throw away when you are done.

Give Spiti Mas a try, we guarantee it will become your home away from home.

Courtesy of Spiti Mas

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