Top Local Specialties To Taste In Mykonos, Greece

Maro Zouganeli

From gourmet restaurants and seaside taverns to quick street food and bakeries, Mykonos has a large variety of food on offer. Among the international cuisine available here, here are the top Greek dishes made on the island that are definitely worth a bite.

Mostra with kopanisti

As one of Mykonos’ traditional cheese products, kopanisti is known throughout Greece. It is a cheese made of cow’s milk, and it has a creamy texture, a spicy flavor, and a rich essence. It is often served on wet rusks, topped with tomato and olive oil. This typical island plate is called mostra with kopanisti by locals and is an ideal accompaniment to local drinks such as ouzo, raki, or tsipouro before the main dish.
Tyrokomio Mykonou, Paliokastro Ano Mera, 84600


At the end of the summer, most local families buy a baby pig and raise it until Christmas. Then, it is time to prepare their supplies of pork until the following summer, of which the most popular product is sausage. The sausages are seasoned with spices, salt, oregano, and pepper, and are left out to dry. The sausages of Mykonos have a higher content of lean meat and less fat; this is the secret that makes them so delicious, placing them among the highest quality food products on the island.
Ο Markaras, Fabrika Mykonou, 0030 2289024028
Louza is made of pork, and it includes the entire fillet from the back of the animal, plus a little fat surrounding it. Louza is dried out and ‘fired’ under the sun in the early winter, and then carefully prepared with salt, pepper, and other spices. Once matured, louza can be kept in the freezer for as long as desired without losing its freshness. It is usually served in thin, dark ruby slices.
Ο Markaras, Fabrika Mykonou, 0030 2289024028


Kalathaki (Almond cake)
Almond cakes and marzipans are a wonderful tradition on the islands around Aegean Sea. Because the islands were dry and produce was difficult to grow, people invented these sweet cakes made with flower, butter, eggs, almonds, and cinnamon, often called ‘Sunday sweets.’ Though these cakes have few ingredients, they are rich in flavor and smell incredible. Moreover, they are easy to find in bakeries and pastry shops all around Mykonos.


Kremidopita (Onion Pie)
Made with a local cheese called tirovolia, the onion pie is one of Mykonos’ most famous. The onion gives the pie a sweet and balanced flavor, aromatic with dill. According to tradition, the pie’s sheets are thick and fluffy. You can usually find this kind of pie in the island’s Greek restaurants, and if you are lucky, locals may offer you a homemade slice.

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