The Most Beautiful Beaches in Milos, Greece

Kleftiko Beach is a hidden gem, with impressive rock formations
Kleftiko Beach is a hidden gem, with impressive rock formations | © Martin Molcan / Alamy
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Dramatic Milos dazzles with its diverse beaches – from isolated coves to full-blown resort stretches with all the amenities you could wish for.

From remote beaches to pirate caves to wild, rugged spots and narrow inlets, beach-hopping on Milos will keep you more than busy. Located at the very edge of the Cyclades, its volcanic backdrop is out of this world, whilst the island’s beaches are just as magical. From jaw-dropping colourful landscapes to dazzling blue waters and natural galvanic formations, the coastline of Milos makes it the ideal destination for beach lovers.

1. Sarakiniko Beach

Natural Feature

Beach and volcanic rock formations at Sarakiniko on north coast, Sarakiniko, Milos, Cyclades, Aegean Sea, Greek Islands; Greece; Europe
© Stuart Black / Alamy
Best known for its moonscape aesthetic, thanks to the island’s volcanic geology – Sarakiniko has a unique colour and shape – no trees or vegetation grow here, and it is entirely made of rock. Even though it’s categorized as a beach, Sarakiniko isn’t a typical bucket and spade spot. The sand consists of a small area which divides Sarakiniko in half, and keep your eyes peeled to see the remains of a shipwreck just offshore. You can also dive from the cliffs here – start on the lower level before working up the courage to jump from the top.

2. Gerakas Beach

Natural Feature

A busy looking Gerakas Beach on Zakynthos Island, Greece
© Lucian Bolca / Alamy Stock Photo

Gerakas is a small sandy beach surrounded by white cliffs on the southern coast of Milos that can only be accessed by boat. The water is a particularly vibrant shade of turquoise, and you will see plenty of sea life if you dive in for a swim or snorkel. Boats can anchor here, so be sure to take some time soaking up the magical atmosphere of the hidden cove and its rocky backdrop.

3. Kleftiko Beach

Natural Feature

Once the shelter of pirates, Kleftiko beach is a hidden gem, only accessible by boat. The impressive white rocks are the first thing you notice when you sail into the cove, which consists of three consecutive bays linked by caves and tunnels. Also known as Meteora of the Sea, this is one of the most untouched beauty spots on the island. Legend says there is still pirate treasure hidden in the caves. The small sandy beach and crystal sea is perfect for kids and exploring.

4. Pollonia Beach

Natural Feature

The beach of the village Pollonia in Milos, Greece
© Constantinos Iliopoulos / Alamy

Offering sand, shade and the inevitable clear water, Pollonia Beach has all the ingredients for a day’s relaxation. Protected by a natural gulf, this small bay has lots of handy tamarind trees and a few umbrellas and loungers to rent. There is a car park, bus stop and a few amenities in the nearby village, but many beachgoers go further afield, so this is predominantly a quiet spot.

5. Agathia Beach

Natural Feature

Like almost all beaches on the west coast of Milos, Agathia is very difficult to access by land because of the sketchy dirt tracks. However, reach this remote beach in a 4×4 or by boat and you will be rewarded with a serene stretch of long, sandy beach with direct views of the uninhabited islet of Antimilos, which seems close enough to touch. There are no facilities here but plenty of privacy, which makes it a dreamy spot for couples.

6. Tsigrado Beach

Natural Feature

Tucked away between volcanic cliffs on the island’s southern coast, Tsigrado Beach appeals to the more adventurous, as it can only be accessed by climbing down a narrow crack in a cliff using ropes and ladders to aid you. It might sound challenging, but it really isn’t that bad and many beachgoers have been clambering up and down daily. Aside from the seclusion factor, Tsigrado has heaps of caves to explore, so come prepared with lunch, drinks, sunscreen and a snorkel for an all-day stay.

7. Fyriplaka Beach

Natural Feature

Fyriplaka beach, Milos Island, Greece, Milos, Cyclades, Greece, Europe
© REDA &CO srl / Alamy

Designed for holidaymakers, there is a welcome row of straw umbrellas lining the long stretch of beach at Fyriplaka – but they get snapped up quickly, so you may wish to bring your own. You can’t ignore the stunning natural archway carved into the sea here; swim through and see that the water is only about shoulder height, so it’s perfectly safe to go inside the cave for a closer look. You can find smaller rock pools and lagoons at the end which are ideal for snorkelling.

8. Papafragas Beach and Caves

Natural Feature

Papafragas is situated on the northeastern end of the island, tucked between vertical cliffs, which come with a warning of falling rocks. However, countless beachgoers have braved the descent, and you will be rewarded with a small stretch of sand forming a narrow canal to the sea. The waves can get quite choppy, but if you’re brave enough, there’s a small tunnel in the cliff that you can pass through before emerging in the open, turquoise sea.

There are plenty of must-see things to do in Milos, as well as beautiful villages to visit on the island. If you want to see more of Greece, make sure to visit Santorini and choose between staying in a luxury hotel or a budget hotel, all bookable on CT. Round off your visit by checking out the best restaurants on the island.

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