The Most Affordable Greek Islands to Visit This Year

Church of the Seven Martyrs, Sifnos │© Elisa Triolo / Flickr
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Updated: 14 March 2017
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Who says vacations should cost an arm and leg? Enjoy the Greek sun and sea at budget-friendly prices so you, too, can have a memorable summer. While there may be faster (and more expensive) ways to reach the islands listed below, we present you with the most affordable options. Don’t fret if you haven’t booked accommodation in advance—long before Airbnb, Greeks share their sense of hospitality to the world with small, basic rooms for rent widely available on virtually any island.


Very close to Athens, Agistri is a very affordable option for an island holiday. A serene paradise away from the capital, it is perfect for those who are looking for a quick escape on a budget. Feel totally transported into a little paradise where nature reigns. Covered with pine forests, Agistri has turquoise waters, pebbly beaches, and several excellent places where to eat. The island also includes a few bars for the night owls.

Getting there: 1 hour 30 minutes by ferry from Piraeus, $11.65 (€10.90) one way

Where to stay:

Apostolou Studios, Agias Eirinis, Skala, Agistri, Greece, +30 229 709 1585. Doubles from $23–$26.65 (€21.60–€25)

Hotel Agistri, Skala, Agistri, Greece, +30 229 709 1342. Doubles from $30–$34 (€28.15–€32)


Kythnos, a stunning little island in the Cyclades, will easily seduce visitors with more than 70 beaches, of which the beautiful, sandy Kolona beach is a must-see. With small villages built in the traditional Cycladic architecture, cobblestone streets, and breezy central squares lined with cafés and tavernas, the island is perfect for a truly relaxing vacation.

Getting there: 3 hours 10 minutes by ferry from Piraeus, $26.65 (€25) one way

Where to stay:

Kythnos Bay Hotel, Loutra, Kythnos, Greece, +30 228 103 2203. Doubles from $48 (€45)

Foinikas Studios, Merixa, Kythnos, Greece, +30 228 103 2203. Doubles from $46–$51.15 (€43.15–€48)


Lefkada, connected to the mainland, is one of the top low-budget destinations. Blessed with spectacular natural beauty, stunning beaches, and a green interior, it is truly an island with multiple faces. The Ionian cuisine will quickly charm the visitors, and the relaxing and laid-back vibe makes it a perfect low-key destination.

Getting there: 5 hours 15 minutes by bus from Athens-Kifissos bus station, $39.32 (€36.80) one way. Buy tickets at Ktel bus station, or book book online in advance for a 10% discount.

Where to stay:

Oasis Hotel, Perigiali, Lefkada, Greece, +30 264 509 2694. Doubles from $34–$38 (€32–€36)

Sundy’s Studios, Nidri, Lefkada, Greece, +30 264 509 2989. Doubles from $37.30 (€35)

Porto Katsiki Beach, Lefkada │ PixaBay


More than an island, Ikaria is a way of life. A vacation in the island where people forget to die is an enlightening experience. Take part at a traditional panygiri, where the whole village joins for a night of celebration. Take the time to relax at the beach, enjoy some coffee with your friends, or simply be.

Getting there: 11 hours by ferry from Piraeus, $40.50 (€38) one way

Where to stay:

Cavos Bay Hotel and Studios, Cavos Bay, Armenistis, Ikaria, Greece, +30 227 507 1381-3. Doubles from $40–$44.75 (€37.50–€42)

Evon’s Rooms, Faros Beach, Ikaria, Greece, +30 227 503 2580 or +30 697 713 9208. Doubles from $32 (€30)


With the picturesque town of Emporio and its quaint villages, Nisyros may be an under-the-radar destination, but you will quickly discover why getting off the beaten trail may be a good thing. An island with an authentic charm, Nisyros boasts pebbled beaches, turquoise waters, verdant slopes, a cozy harbor, and a stunning volcano.

Getting there: 13 hours 10 minutes by ferry from Piraeus, $21.30 (€20) one way

Where to stay:

Porfyris Hotel, Mandraki, Nisyros, Greece, +30 224 203 1376. Doubles from $33–$37.30 (€31–€35)

Romantzo Hotel, Mandraki, Nisyros, Greece, +30 224 203 1340. Doubles from $26 (€25)

Mandraki, Nisyros │ PixaBay


Certainly a favorite among locals and visitors, Hydra, with its laid-back vibe and car-free rule is perfect for a relaxing getaway. Since cars are prohibited, all exploration has to be done by foot, saving travelers some euros in the long run. The island offers a series of hikes, which connect the main town to some of the best beaches in the island.

Getting there: 1 hour 30 minutes by ferry from Piraeus, $29.85 (€28) one way

Where to stay:

Achilleas Pension, Spiliou Charami, Hydra, Greece, +30 229 805 2050. Doubles from $33–$37.30 (€31–€35)

Areti Guesthouse, Tombazi, Hydra, Greece, +30 229 805 3502. Doubles from $45–$51.15 (€42.25–€48)


Birthplace to many of Greece’s famous poets, Sifnos has a je ne sais quoi that you will enjoy discovering. With beautiful beaches, cute little villages, and no fewer than 227 magnificent churches on its soil, it is truly a place to savor. A major pottery hub, the island has a few ceramics workshops worth visiting where visitors may even take pottery lessons and leave with their projects as souvenirs.

Getting there: 5 hours 50 minutes by ferry from Piraeus, $38.35 (€36) one way

Where to stay:

Romanza, Cherronisos, Sifnos, Greece, +30 228 403 3139. Doubles from $29–$33 (€27.25–€31)

Froudi Rooms, Kamares, Sifnos, Greece, +30 228 403 3330. Doubles from $29–$38.35 (€27.25–€36)

Church of the Seven Martyrs, Sifnos │


Kea (or Tzia) is a small, unassuming island from the Cyclades group close to the mainland. The island may not appear in most travel guides, but it is ideal for groups, families, and couples looking for a relaxed vacation. Take the time to explore the island and its ancient ruins, discover the local cuisine, and simply relax on the beach or in your villa.

Getting there: 1 hour ferry from Lavrio, $12.90 (€12.10) one way

Where to stay:

Cavo Perlevos Studios, Otzias Beach, Kea, Greece, +30 228 802 1120. Doubles from $42–$48 (€39.40–€45)

Holiday Rooms, Otzias Beach, Kea, Greece, +30 228 802 1151. Standard studios from $45–$53.30 (€42.25–€50)


Close to Milos, Kimolos is a tiny yet stunning little island in the Cyclades famous for its beaches and geological formations. The island may be far from the mainland but it is definitely worth the time. Fantastic rock formations crafted by Mother Nature will welcome travelers with open arms, and secluded beaches and coves complete this picturesque landscape. Prepare for a trip to satisfy all senses with the splendid inland, delicious cuisine, and peaceful vibe.

Getting there: 11 hours by ferry from Lavrio, $23.50 (€22) one way (shorter ferry rides from Piraeus are available but at more than double the price)

Where to stay:

Sardis Rooms-Restaurant, Aliki, Kimolos, Greece, +30 228 705 1458. Doubles from $51.15 (€48)

The House in the Castle, Kimolos, Kimolos, Greece, +30 693 679 0999. From $43.70–$53 (€41–€49.75)

Unique rock formations in Kimolos │
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