The Most Beautiful Beaches in Astypalaia, Greece

Astypalaia is home to many beautiful beaches
Astypalaia is home to many beautiful beaches | © freeartist / Alamy Stock Photo
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If you’re looking for a remote beach, far from the maddening crowds, then head to Astypalaia. This Dodecanese island is a true hidden gem in the heart of the glistening Aegean Sea, packed with serene coves and family-friendly bays.

With about 1,300 permanent residents, Astypalaia is more secluded than other Greek islands, such as Santorini and Mykonos. The beaches follow suit – it’s not hard to find multiple family hotspots close to the main town of Chora or an undisturbed strip that feels like a private Greek getaway. Grab some sturdy flip-flops, plus a good book, and make your way to one of these top beaches.

1. Blue Harbour

Natural Feature

Greece, Dodecanese archipelago, Astypalaia island, Analipsi (or Maltezana) bay
© GUIZIOU Franck / / Hemis / Alamy Stock Photo

Blue Harbour is a tiny, secluded beach, bordered on three sides by craggy rocks, creating a frame for the lovely sea view. A dirt road near the harbour in Maltezana will take you on a short climb uphill until you come to the beach. For a coveted spot, arrive early, especially during the summer.

2. Agios Ioannis

Natural Feature

Named after a saint who used to live in the area, Agios Ioannis (Saint John) is also the name of a beautiful nearby church. The easiest way to access the shoreline is by private boat from the port of Pera Yalos, but a 30-minute car ride from Chora paired with a 40-minute walk down to the beach itself is worth the effort. Bring food, water and good walking shoes, and you’ll be rewarded with an almost empty stretch of sand.

3. Plakes

Natural Feature

Plakes beach in Astypalaia island Greece
© George Papapostolou / Alamy Stock Photo

OK, we’re cheating a little – this one is less of a beach and more of a rocky outcrop. But you won’t mind when you get to dive into the deep blue water directly from the natural platform, which hangs right above the ocean. Plakes is about 8km (5mi) east of Chora, and the untouched landscape surrounding it makes for the perfect photo.

4. Kaminakia

Natural Feature

The beach of Kaminakia, in Astypalaia island, Dodecanese islands, Greece, Europe.
© Ioannis Mantas / Alamy Stock Photo

Regarded as the best beach on the island by travellers and locals, Kaminakia features a white-pebble shore lapped by turquoise water on the south side of the island. To get there, you’ll have to take a winding dirt road through red dust – it looks like something from Mars – making you appreciate the cool water all the more when you arrive.

5. Chrysí Ámmos

Natural Feature

Tables and chairs on the beachfront of the capital on the island, dominated by the venetian citadel or Querini castle and Pera Gialos, Greece
© Guiziou Franck / Alamy Stock Photo

Chrysí Ámmos (or Psili Ammos) presents a nice change from the many pebbly beaches of Greece – it’s covered in fine, soft sand, perfect for sunbathing. Make sure to pack suntan lotion when you head to this beach just northeast of Chora. There’s no shade, and you’ll likely be there all day. It’s most accessible by boat from Pera Gialos port, as the roads leading to it are not rental car friendly.

6. Paralia Astipaleas

Natural Feature

If you’re looking for a less remote beach with more access to lunch options and ice-cold bottled water, choose Paralia Astipaleas. This beach is right in town and easy to get to, making it the perfect choice for families, seniors and people with mobility issues – or anyone looking to enjoy the sunshine.

7. Schoinóntas

Natural Feature

Near Analipsi, about 10km (6mi) from the main town, you’ll find Schoinóntas beach. It features a few trees for shade, sun umbrellas and deck chairs. The small stone pier is the perfect spot for jumping into the water. On top of this, two local tavernas, ideal for grabbing fresh buttery seafood, are just a 10-minute walk away.

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