The Best Road Trips in Greece You Need to Take

Road tripping in Greece | © Ethel Dilouambaka
Road tripping in Greece | © Ethel Dilouambaka
Photo of Ethel Dilouambaka
28 July 2017

Besides its pebble and sandy beaches bordered by turquoise waters, Greece is also ideal for road trips. From picturesque little villages to ancient sites and dense forests and natural parks, the country has everything for the perfect road trip vacation. Need some inspiration? We’ve compiled a few itineraries you can follow to your liking.

Athens to Meteora

Discover the beauty of central Greece with this road trip from the Greek capital to the beautiful setting of Meteora. Located a mere 354km away from Athens, Meteora, with its mountain-perched monasteries, is ideal for nature lovers and those looking for an easy trip. Stop in Lamia for lunch or make a detour to the beautiful ancient sanctuary of Delphi before heading to the mountainous region of Kalambaka, where Byzantine monasteries stand tall on steep rocks. Take the time to explore the region, hike on nearby Mount Koziakas or raft down the Ionas river.

Athens to Meteora route

Meteora | © Sergey Novikov / Shutterstock | © Sergey Novikov / Shutterstock

Athens to Thessaloniki

A road trip to the second city of Greece allows you to discover the beauty of the mainland. This 500km route takes you through Lamia, pass near Volos (where you should stop for a night or two and even discover the Pelion region) and Larissa, before driving along the coast by Mount Olympus. Make a quick detour to Vergina and visit the Museum of Royal Tombs of Aigai-Vergina where you can learn about the Macedonian dynasty and admire the tomb of Philipp II, father of Alexander the Great which, contrary to other royal burial sites, still features a vast collection of artefacts. Then make your way to Thessaloniki and explore its many monuments and Byzantine churches before relaxing by the waterfront.

Athens to Thessaloniki route

Thessaloniki to Alexandroupoli

Connecting the West to the East, Alexandroupoli is the capital of the Evros region. The seaside town is an important commercial hub between northern Greece and Turkey and is very close to the Dada Forest and the magnificent Evros delta. Even though it is only two hours away from Thessaloniki, you can take the opportunity to visit the picturesque town of Serres, have lunch at Kavala before arriving to Alexandroupoli.

Thessaloniki to Alexandroupoli

Thessaloniki to Skiathos

While we know you can do this itinerary by plane, we highly recommend you do it by car. Along 287km, you will be able to admire Mount Olympus and drive to Larissa to stop for lunch. Then head for Volos where you can stop for the night and discover the seaside town. You can even explore the mountainous region of Pelion before embarking on the ferry to the beautiful island of Skiathos, where you will be able to explore hidden coves and forgotten beaches and feast on delicious food.

Thessaloniki to Skiathos

Peloponnese road trip from Athens

If you have five or six days to explore the Peloponnese, then you are in luck. Fill up your gas tank, put on your favourite road trip playlist and get ready to explore the wonders. From ancient Olympia to Gytheio, Monemvasia, Nafplio, Epidavros and Corinth, you will get a spectacular insight into this fantastic region. If you have time, make Nafplio your base for a few days and explore the ancient cities of Mystras and Sparta.

Nafplio, Greece | © Tilemahos Efthimiadis / Flickr

Athens to Thessaloniki through Delphi and Ioannina

For this road trip, make sure to plan enough days to have plenty of time to explore and rest in between each leg. Starting from Athens, make your way to the sanctuary of Delphi. Stay in Galaxidi, a picturesque seaside town nearby that will give you the perfect base to explore the region. The next day, make your way to Ioannina with a lunch break in the quaint town of Amfilochia. Make sure to find a little taverna by the sea, so you can take in the whole view of the gulf. Now that you’ve recharged your batteries, drive up to Ioannina and set out to explore the city. The next day, make your way to the Zagorohoria region and admire the series of stone bridges and traditional villages, then head back to Ioannina for the night before making your way to Thessaloniki.

Athens to Thessaloniki route

Mainland road trip from Athens

A road trip for nature lovers, history buffs and adventurers, this 10-day road trip through the Greek mainland takes you through some of the ancient sites of Peloponnese, Central Greece, Epirus, Thessaly and Macedonia. You will get to see the magnificent site of Delphi, the majestic Prespa lake, the beautiful Meteora, as well as Athens and Thessaloniki without forgetting Volos, the gateway to the Pelion region.

On the way to Volos | © Simeon Berg/Flickr

Crete road trip

More than just another island, Crete boasts Minoan sites, picture-perfect beaches and splendid nature. As the largest island of the country, it is ideal for a road trip, which allows you to discover the entire island. Start from Heraklion, after you’ve explore the Old Town and the port. The next day, the Knossos Palace and Rethymno await you. Don’t forget the second city of the island, Chania, which you can reach by driving small back roads, before heading to the picturesque Elafonisi beach.

Head back to Chania for the night and explore the Samaria Gorge the next day, with its 16km trail and lush natural park. You can drive back to Rethymno for a night and explore the eastern part of the island, making sure to stop by the Diktean Cave and the Lasithi plateau, the Koudouma monastery and its secluded beach, Ierapetra, to finally reach Agios Nikolaos and Elounda, your gateway to Vai beach and the entire eastern coast of Crete.

Crete road trip

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