The 10 Best Restaurants On Ios, Greece

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Known as one of the best Greek islands for a lively party experience, Ios is full of rich history and delicious, authentic Greek cuisine too. The following restaurants represent some of Ios’ most tasty venues to help visitors navigate the island for a delightful and well-deserved meal.

View of Mylopotas Beach


After a day hanging out on the famous Mylopotas Beach, this restaurant and bar is a convenient stop for a fantastic dinner. Elpis is a successful family-run business that has been open for many years, serving visitors an array of traditional and authentic Greek dishes. The restaurant offers a fantastic view of the bay and is a great place to relax and enjoy an evening of good food and friendly service. Don’t forget to try the tasty baklava.

Elpis, Mylopotas, Ios, Greece

A delicious meal

1. Hellenic Social

Restaurant, Healthy

Koumpara Beach
© Titanas/Flickr
Hellenic Social has a menu that features items from all corners of the world, including house made meals and sauces styled by the international travels of the restaurant’s own team. The food here is very carefully prepared with vegetables and herbs grown in a garden out back. Hellenic Social also cooks up a variety of desserts such as passion fruit tarts with meringue and red velvet cheesecake, as well as a broad assortment of tantalizing cocktails just waiting to be tasted.

Polydoros Taverna

Open since 1986, this restaurant is focused on discovering the most effective way to satiate the hunger of people of every age and background. Polydoros Taverna combines raw and fresh materials with creativity, resulting in simply wonderful food options with an authentic Greek background. Located north from Chora along the Koumpara Beach area, the outdoor seating area allows customers to take in the view of the sea while indulging in anything from rolled pork with peppers and cheese to eggplant with tomatoes and cheese to Souvlaki.

Polydoros Taverna, Koumpara, Ios, Greece, +30 22 86 09 11 32

Harmony Mexican Restaurant

2. Harmony Mexican Restaurant and Bar

Bar, Restaurant, Mexican

Windmills on Ios
© Edoardo Tacconi/Flickr
Carved right from the rock face is the hacienda-styled house where travelers will find Ios’ best Mexican restaurant. Here, an internationally trained team of professional chefs work with local and fresh ingredients to create a variety of delectable dishes. Not only does Harmony provide its customers with the delightful sounds of live musicians, but it also has a 360 degree view of Mylopotas Beach and the Aegean Sea.

3. The Mills

Restaurant, Greek

© Dinos P/Flickr
If you’re visiting the iconic windmills located above the town of Chora, then make a stop at this conveniently located and 100 per cent Greek restaurant. The Mills makes its food by hand and in large portions that ensure nobody goes home hungry. Since opening in 1969, the restaurant has become known for its delicious moussaka, while also offering fresh Greek salads, swordfish souvlaki and barrel wine. Sit back and take in a delightful atmosphere complete with the perfect Greek tunes to complement every dinner.

4. Lord Byron

Restaurant, Greek, Mediterranean

Maganari Beach
© Kostas LimitsIos/Flickr
Right in the center of Chora travelers will discover this romantic restaurant. Lord Byron is a result of the owners’ bringing back tasty ingredients from their travels, which are used to create an authentic variety of Greek and Mediterranean dishes. Try some savory pasta and meat dishes before diving into some decadent desserts. Whether sitting in the new interior of the restaurant or the pleasant outdoor patio, guests will have fun discovering the different treasures and pictures that carry memories of world traveling.

5. The Octopus Tree

Restaurant, Seafood, Mediterranean, Greek

Featuring local wines and fantastic tapas, The Octopus Tree is a quaint and unique restaurant. Family run, this restaurant serves both mezze and Greek food that will help anyone relax. The traditional food of the Octopus Tree is served right along the port where this restaurant resides, presenting guests not only with fresh octopus and other seafood, but a fantastic view too. With a glass of wine, friends and family and a great view, everything about this restaurant makes it great for visiting.

6. The Nest

Restaurant, Mediterranean, Greek

Always open and serving all sorts of tasty Greek and Mediterranean foods, the Nest is a real culinary hotspot on the island. With stuffed eggplant, souvlaki, fava and all other varieties of Greek cuisine, the Nest offers a welcoming atmosphere for travellers and families seeking a fun place to find relaxation. Oven baked dishes are a favorite at this restaurant located right in the middle of Chora and the Nest also has a garden which supplies fresh ingredients for all the tasty meals it produces.

7. Almyra By the Sea

Restaurant, Mediterranean

Inspired by the flavors of the Aegean, Almyra offers not only local ingredients that are fresh and tasty but also a pleasant location to enjoy the crystalline waters of the sea. This restaurant adds an innovative twist to traditional recipes in a friendly atmosphere that is welcoming to many different groups of people. It is a nice place to relax for either a light or truly filling dinner and will inspire the mythology of Greece in every visitor with both its traditional and modern cuisine. Almyra captures guests with not just a picturesque view but the fantastic food it has to offer.

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