Is This Greece’s Most Sustainable Hotel?

Serifos Coco-Mat Eco Lodge Hotels
Serifos Coco-Mat Eco Lodge Hotels | © Serifos Coco-Mat Eco Lodge Hotels

If you’re looking for a sustainable getaway on the Greek islands, there’s only one hotel you need to know about. Culture Trip spotlights the eco-lodges in Serifos that are offering sustainable experiences and beautiful design.

1. Coco-Mat Eco Residences, Serifos

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Casual seating area in Coco-Mat Eco Residences in Serifos, complete with cushioned sofa benches, stone flooring and exposed wooden beams
Courtesy of Coco-Mat Eco Residences / Expedia

Located on the sleepy island of Serifos, Coco-Mat Eco Residences are offering a new kind of hospitality that puts sustainability at the heart of the experience.

Coco-Mat has a unique history. The hotel chain started out as a family-run mattress company in Athens. The company, founded in 1989, set about creating a new kind of mattress that was made without springs and was completely recyclable. The production of these mattresses is almost entirely sustainable, with materials such as wood, cotton, coconut, natural rubber, wool, flax, algae, and horse hair being used to create each item. The brand doesn’t use chemicals in its manufacturing process and refuses to use plastic. With such rigorous standards towards the sustainable production of the mattresses, it’s no surprise that the brand decided to evolve the approach further.

With four hotels across Greece, Coco-Mat Eco Residences in Serifos is arguably the most sustainable of the collection and rivals many other hotels for the title of the most sustainable hotel in Greece. Formerly the residences of miners on the island, the stone houses were transformed into hotels by Greek architect George Zafiriou. His approach was to make sure the building was as integrated into the natural surroundings as possible, and it worked. Set into the cliff and with views over Vagia Beach, the hotel feels part of the landscape.

Serifos has never enjoyed the attention from tourists that it deserves. Located relatively far from Athens (a five-hour boat journey by ferry or a shorter 2.5-hour trip, if you can catch the high speed), the island is a verdant haven. Turquoise waters splash at pristine shores, and a tranquil atmosphere permeates throughout. Thanks to the mineral-rich soil, the island has also played host to mining communities since the 19th century. Now with hotels such as Coco-Mat that are using the local history and landscape to offer a new vision, tourists might start taking note.

But it’s not just the way in which this pre-existing space on the island has been transformed that makes Coco-Mat a sustainable residence. Zafiriou worked with the surroundings to create a natural air conditioning system, as well as designing spaces that have endless natural light. This holistic approach extends to the amenities on offer too. Food is locally sourced, and drinks are created with fresh produce from the island. There’s also a herbal bar to sate all other healthy inclinations.

Interior design champions similarly sustainable qualities. Alongside the Coco-Mat mattresses, guests will encounter naturally made and environmentally friendly furniture and interior design throughout the residences. The aesthetic is minimal and refined, with chalky grey stone and eggshell blue furniture. Bedrooms offer sea views, meaning you can fall asleep to the sound of the ocean – guests and environment truly aligned.

So, if you’re looking for a sustainable destination in Greece, making the journey to Serifos is highly recommended.

Serifos Coco-Mat Eco Lodge Hotels
Serifos Coco-Mat Eco Lodge Hotels
Serifos Coco-Mat Eco Lodge Hotels
Serifos Coco-Mat Eco Lodge Hotels
Serifos Coco-Mat Eco Lodge Hotels
Serifos Coco-Mat Eco Lodge Hotels

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