Where to Try the Best Chocolate in Erfurt, Germany

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Erfurt is well-known for its beautiful medieval architecture and is also home to some of the country’s most exquisite chocolates, cakes and ice creams from some of the finest chocolatiers in the country. Here you can find the best chocolatiers and confectioneries across Erfurt, who offer mouth-watering pralines, frothy melted chocolate and a range of exotic flavors.

When it comes to dessert, Goldhelm is a family name in Erfurt and virtually unrivaled. They have three stores in Erfurt, known for outstanding chocolates, ice creams and cakes. Alongside, from intricately-designed cupcakes to too-pretty-to-eat chocolates, you will never run out of dessert choices in Erfurt.

1. Goldhelm Schokoladen Manufaktur - Laden Krämerbrücke

Cafe, Dessert

Goldhelm Schokoladen Manufaktur is located in the beautiful old town of Erfurt, next to the iconic Krämerbrücke, the most popular tourist site in town. Flocks of tourists head here in order to indulge their sweet tooth and for good reason. Expert chocolatiers at Goldhelm handcraft a range of sweet delicacies that not only taste heavenly, but also look divine. Visitors are offered the choice between chocolates, pralines, candies and ganache boasting a mind-boggling range of flavors and fillings. This is the perfect place to fill your bags with souvenirs for foodie friends back home.

2. Goldhelm Eiskrämer

Ice Cream Parlour, Ice Cream

Regular patrons (and Goldhelm Eiskrämer has many) swear that this is the best ice cream parlor in Erfurt, while some go even as far as saying that this ice cream parlor alone is worth a trip to Erfurt! The menu at Goldhelm Eiskrämer boasts a whole lot of unique flavors like Mallorquinische Orange, Himbeer-Buttermilch (Raspberry-Buttermilk), Limoncello-Blaubeer (Lemoncello-Blueberry), Erdbeer Sorbet (Srawberry Sorbet), Honig-Birne (Honey-Pear) and many more, each as yummilicious as it sounds. And these happiness in a cup (or cone) can be enjoyed while looking out to the lovely views of Krämerbrücke, one of the most famous landmarks in Erfurt.

3. Goldhelm Schokoladen Manufaktur - Werkstattladen und Werkstattcafé

Ice Cream Parlour, Cafe, Ice Cream

This is yet another establishment of the same group that owns Goldhelm Eiskrämer. Located at the famous Krämerbrücke, this cafe draws sweet-toothed travelers like magnet with their eclectic range of ice cream, cakes, chocolates and coffee. They regularly invent new and unique flavors, which ensures that each visit is unique. This is the perfect place to purchase foodie souvenirs for loved ones back home.

4. Hussel Confiserie

Cafe, Dessert

Located in Erfurt’s principal business district, visitors and locals alike come here for two main reasons: the cheerful smile of the employees and the wide range of options presented to you which make it near impossible to make a choice. A sea of decadent Belgian truffles, melt-in-the-mouth pralines and chocolates in myriad flavors are the highlight. Visitors can also pick up unique chocolate art here: high heels to TV remotes, chess pieces to work tools, flowers to video game controls, and lots more.

5. Viba Sweets

Cafe, Dessert

If you love nougat, drop everything and make a beeline to Viba Sweets. Since 1893, Viba Sweets has been perfecting the art of nougat making and today delights chocolate lovers with unforgettable, melt-in-the-mouth nougat in various flavors. While nougat is their signature offer, they also excel in fine marzipan, yummy fruit bars and irresistible chocolates. Many of their products are available in gift boxes, so your search for the perfect souvenir ends here.

6. Cupcakeria

Cafe, Dessert

Cupcakeria proves over and over again that baking perfect cupcakes is pure art. While they offer regular, plain cupcakes too, the star of the show here is the amazing range of decorated cupcakes. A wide range of cupcakes are ready-to-purchase but name your theme – animals, super heroes, cartoon characters, flowers, vehicles or just about anything else – and it’s guaranteed that they will be able to make it for you. The only problem is that you might just find the amazing, intricate designs too beautiful to eat.

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