This Hotel Is Recreating Brothers Grimm Stories One Room At A Time

Courtesy of Grimms Hotels
Courtesy of Grimm's Hotels
Lily Cichanowicz

With its enchanting forests and majestic palaces, it’s no wonder that Germany has been colored with plenty of intriguing folklore. This is largely in thanks to the Brothers Grimm who documented many such fairy tales and also invented a bunch of their own. Now, it is possible for fans and imaginative travelers alike to immerse themselves in the world they created at the Grimm’s Hotels in Berlin.

The hotel is actually the second built of its kind in the city, but this one promises to be even more expansive and evocative than its counterpart. Peaceful and inviting, the building’s exterior is enough to draw guests in, much like the witch’s house in Hansel and Gretel… though we might add, far less forebodingly. The new Grimm’s Hotel is a narrow-shaped corner building surrounded with serene green spaces in Potsdamer Platz.

In the colorful lobby, they apply the quaint aesthetic of the gabled roof with rustic shingles into an utterly striking shingled feature wall and fireplace mantel. This sunny entryway is furnished with chairs clad in bold upholstery, gathered around a myriad of tables in various shapes, the most striking of which is situated atop a lifelike statue of a boar. There are decals embodying virtually every fairy tale you can imagine in each of the rooms. Meanwhile, embodying queen’s crowns, red spotted amanita mushrooms and mischievous frog princes, the coat hooks and soap bottles add just the right touch of substantiating detail.

Of course, being that the hotel was only opened last year, things are quite modern and contemporary. The infusion of fairy-tale motifs is tasteful and refined. Amidst a neutral color scheme accented in bright colors, guests will find a candy green apple fixture situated on the floor of the outdoor terrace. Meanwhile, the suites are decorated according to various modernized and, at times, avant-garde fairy-tale themes including Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and others.

In addition to the memorable cheerful and creative décor, the hotel is outfitted with all the fixings a guest could want for a relaxing stay. In addition to the rooftop terrace, there is also a fully functional fitness center, complete with a luxury Finnish sauna. Rooms are tidy and equipped with flat screen TVs, large windows, and spacious closets. There is also a restaurant in the hotel, Tischlein deck Dich. They serve upscale variations on German classics such as flammkuchen served with sheep’s cheese and rocket salad, along with fairy-tale-themed desserts.

Courtesy of Grimm’s Hotels

No doubt, a stay at Grimm’s Hotel will give any visitor a significantly more immersive experience into German culture and lore than anywhere else in Berlin.

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