The Most Unique Experiences to Have in Dusseldorf

Anwesha Ray

Though Dusseldorf doesn’t always feature on the itinerary of travellers, visitors to the city are rarely disappointed. With luxury shopping, beautiful nature, plentiful art and culture and limitless fun, Dusseldorf has something for everyone, and some things no other city has.

Experiencing Japan in Dusseldorf

Tourists who find themselves in Dusseldorf in May or June can experience Japan Day – a huge festival celebrating Japanese culture. On this day, the Rhine Promenade transforms into a slice of Japan, with traditional food, costumes, athletic performances, kimono fittings, calligraphy, Manga comics, music performances and spectacular fireworks.

Japan Day festival in Dusseldorf, Germany

Cruising down the Rhine

A trip to Dusseldorf can never be complete without a cruise on the Rhine. Visitors can opt for a short panoramic cruise on the river, or combine a lovely cruise with some historic sightseeing at Zons or Kaiserwerth. Day trips on the ferry to Cologne or Duisburg are also available and in great demand. These cruises are especially wonderful during summer. Catching a sunset on the Rhine would surely be an added bonus.

Rhine Barge

Cheering at the Cartwheel Championship

Dusseldorf’s fascination with the cartwheel is evident, thanks to the abundant cartwheel imagery across the city. The Cartwheel Championship is proof that Dusseldorf is serious about keeping this fun historic tradition alive. Every summer, approximately 700 children from 15 different countries participate in this competition at the Rhine promenade, bringing their best moves with them.


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