The Best Menswear Shops In Berlin

Courtesy of Soto
Courtesy of Soto
Lily Cichanowicz

With events like the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and the fact that so many of Europe’s up-and-coming designers call this place home, it’s no secret that Berlin’s got the looks. While womenswear in Berlin and abroad receives plenty of attention, why should the ladies have all the fun? Here are the best menswear shops in Berlin.

1. Soto

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Courtesy of Soto
Three men in Berlin, Omer Ben-Michael, Philip Gaedicke, and David Ficher, founded Soto because they wanted to create a shop that sold a synthesis of all the brands they liked, and they stock designers from all over the world. The items available here are versatile and always changing, which makes each trip to Soto exciting. The interior at Soto is tastefully comprised of shabby chic décor and industrial design elements.

2. The Corner Berlin

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The Corner Berlin is a concept store and designer boutique featuring a painstakingly beautiful selection of items by various designers and brands like Fendi, Saint Laurent, Vetements, and Valentino. They have two stores, one tailoring women and the other to men. At their menswear store on Markgrafenstraße in Mitte, what could be categorized as urban casual bold prints and athletic-chic items are common fixtures. For the specifics, check out their website, which offers an overview of their latest finds.

3. Simon&Me

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Alluringly minimal in style, Simon&Me is a concept store specializing in menswear and every single item is sourced from Germany. Simon Freund, the founder of this shop views it as an intellectual response to our modern culture of consumption. This is why he works so hard to source items locally in addition to selecting brands producing products of only the utmost quality. Many pieces sold here are basics, but even down to the simplest white t-shirt, the quality in stitching and material will be exceptional. Simon&Me also sells items from its own eponymous brand.

4. No. 74

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Established in 2008, No. 74 is a shop by Adidas. It is one of only three of its kind in Europe, and it features pieces from exclusive collaborations between Adidas and designers like Stella McCartney and Kazuki along with limited addition collections and fashion installations. Most of the clothes have a hip sporty vibe, but the store also holds some interesting statement pieces as well. No. 74 is committed to offering high-end pieces with an inclination towards innovation. Find it in Mitte on Torstraße amid Berlin’s most upscale shops and hippest eateries.

5. Trüffelschwein

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Trüffelschwein, which is the German term for the truffle hunting pig, first opened in 2007 as an alternative shop for men who were looking to transcend commercialism in hopes of finding a selection of quality, aesthetically pleasing garments. Their aim is to provide clothing that will make customers appear unique and confident without overdoing it. Some of the brands showcased here include Oak, Pig & Hen, Chauncey, and Themata. It is quite common to find smaller brands here that wind up making it big on the fashion scene later on down the line. Between their keen eye and excellent pieces, Trüffelschwein is known for their impeccable customer service.

6. Darklands


Darklands is Berlin’s fashion scene in one succinct material form. At the forefront of men’s fashion in the city, Darklands’ sea of beautiful black garments currently features work by avant-garde designers like Alexander Fielden, Deepti, Amy Glenn, Cedric Jacquemyn, and others. The shop is currently located in a discreet location on Heidestraße in Mitte, but it changes every year or two. Darklands is currently surrounded by construction and tucked away at the back of a courtyard, but the trek to this astounding nomadic shop is part of its intrigue.

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