The Best Day Trips from Hanover

Hamburg Dammtor Train Station
Hamburg Dammtor Train Station | © Xinxin Cheng / Alamy Stock Photo
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If you wish to complement your Hanover holiday with day trips, we guarantee that you will not run out of choices. A busy day in a scintillating city or a relaxed day in a historic one? Or would you rather visit the fairy-tale lands of your childhood? From green mountain hamlets to pretty river towns, we are about to spoil you for choice!


Goslar is a small historic town clinging to the slopes of the Harz Mountains. Goslar has a long history of mining and was home to Roman emperors for hundreds of years. Today, it attracts tourists with its row upon row of beautifully carved half-timbered houses, romantic alleys, quaint squares, and beautiful wood carvings. The most popular tourist attractions in Goslar are the Rammelsberg Mine, Brusttuch House, the 500-year-old Kaiserworth Hotel, the Royal Palace (Kaiserpfalz), and the Rathaus, among others.

Distance from Hanover: Approximately 93 km (58 miles)

Goslar, Germany


This little 1000-year-old town perched on the bank of the Aller River in Lower Saxony is definitely worth a stop. A day is enough time to catch the highlights of Celle – including beautiful works of architecture like Celle Castle, Hoppener Haus, Stadtkirche St. Marien, and the Synagogue. If you wish to relax in the midst of nature, Celle offers irresistible choices like the French Garden, Obere Allerniederung bei Celle (Upper Aller Lowlands), and Südheide Nature Park. For a great family outing, head straight to Filmtier Park.

Distance from Hanover: Approximately 44 km (27 miles)

Celle, Lower Saxony, Germany


The famous harbor city of Hamburg needs much longer than a day to explore, but if you are pressed for time and don’t mind a busy day, head to this magnificent city for a great day out. The most popular attraction of Hamburg and a family favorite is Miniatur Wunderland. Head to the harbor for sweeping views of the river and ships. Hamburg is home to beautiful examples of architecture like the Kunsthalle, Rathaus, and St. Michael’s Church, and several great museums and green spaces as well.

Distance from Hanover: Approximately 151 km (94 miles)

Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg


Bremen, a very important trade center, is a great city escape from Hanover. A stroll through the Old Town rewards travelers with magnificent attractions and architectural works. Don’t miss the sculpture of the Bremen Town Musicians from your childhood bedtime fairy tale. Spend the rest of the day in the stunningly beautiful Rhododendron Park or visit one of the museums – Paula Becker-Modersohn Museum, Ludwig Roselius Museum, German Maritime Museum, or the Universum Science Center.

Distance from Hanover: Approximately 127 km (79 miles)

Bremen historical centre


If you are looking for a perfect family day out, you can’t do better than Autostadt. This superb interactive automobile museum offers loads of activities beyond gaping at snazzy automobiles. Other fun family attractions in town are the BadeLand, Essehof Zoo, Allerpark, and Phaeno Science Center. Additionally, Wolfsburg Castle and Kunstmuseum are worth a stop.

Distance from Hanover: Approximately 90 km (56 miles)

The Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany


This romantic university town with a rich heritage is perfect if you wish for a slow-paced day out. Stroll along the historic squares of Göttingen or relax by the Leine River. Don’t miss the historic University Botanical Garden and the ruins of Burg Hardenburg.

Distance from Hanover: Approximately 121 km (75 miles)

The Leine river in Gottingen, Lower Saxony, Germany


Here is your chance to walk the steps of the Pied Piper! As legend goes, the chilling tale of the Piper is not mere make-believe but rooted in the history of this town. Expect to find statues, sculptures, paintings, as well as loads of souvenirs and even cafés belonging to the theme of the famous fairy tale. Additionally, this impeccably preserved historic town in the lap of the Weserbergland hills is a delightful place to explore.

Distance from Hanover: Approximately 65 km (40 miles)

Statue of the Pied Piper in Hameln, Germany


Not to be confused with the municipality of Alfeld in Bavaria, the town of Alfeld is in Lower Saxony by the River Leine. The most popular tourist attraction in Alfeld is the UNESCO World Heritage Site Fagus Factory. This interesting shoe museum is known as much for its collection as for its unique architecture. Alfeld, with its romantic streets and gabled houses, is a great place for relaxed exploration.

Distance from Hanover: Approximately 51 km (32 miles)

Street view of a old town Alfeld in Lower Saxony, Germany

Braunschweig (Brunswick)

If you are interested in history and architecture, Braunschweig is sure to win your heart. This town was hit hard during the Second World War, and was later lovingly restored and reconstructed as close to its original beauty as possible. When in Braunschweig, spend a day admiring the fascinating architecture of St. Blasius Cathedral, Burg Dankwarderode, Town Hall, Schloss Richmond, Staatstheater, and the Riddagshausen Abbey.

Distance from Hanover: Approximately 68 km (42 miles)

Zollhaus, Braunschweig, Germany

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