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The 10 Best Restaurants In Schoeneberg, Berlin
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The 10 Best Restaurants In Schoeneberg, Berlin

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Nowhere does cuisine come in such a wheel of color as Schoeneberg. The array of cultures found in Berlin condense into plates of beautiful food, all colors of the rainbow and all flavors of the world. Here are some of the best places.
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Meyan is no ordinary neighborhood restaurant: it is awash with great personality and amazing colors. The Turkish specialties are held in high esteem, along with the exquisite choice of wines and hot beverages. The authentic brick walls and bright wooden floors perfectly complement the original Turkish hand-painted cups and bowls. This modern, minimalist setting is a lovely contrast to the fragrant, traditional cuisine.

Meyan, Goltzstraße 36, Berlin, Germany +49 030 75442540

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Renger Patzsch

Black and white decor shows that Renger Patzsch has an eye for style as well as great food. The restaurant in Schoeneberg showcases traditional cuisine, with high quality ingredients and beautiful presentation. The atmosphere is simple yet classic, with mahogany wooden chairs placed carefully in contrast with the white sheets of the tables. The menu is a delight, but one of the real highlights is the Saltimbocca – perfection.

Renger-Patzsch, Wartburgstraße 54, Berlin, Germany, +49 0307842059

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Rustic Greek restaurant Ypsilon is the perfect combination of Mediterranean light spirits and classic German beer. The restaurant adheres to the Zorba’s culinary traditions, while the ambiance is simple and comfortable. Their food is even award-winning: it won the coveted Gastro Award for its Greek cuisine in 2009. When savoring the delicious combinations of feta, fresh vegetables and perfectly roasted meat in an authentic setting you can easily see why. Music is as intrinsic for an authentic Greek experience as food, so you’ll be pleased to hear Ypsilon hosts live concerts on the weekends too.

Ypsilon, Hauptstraße 163, 10827 Berlin, Germany, +49 030 7824539

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Located in the central area of Schoeneberg, Rudiger’s is a place where you can find Austrian cuisine in a west-Berlin high-class location. The exquisite interiors complement the impeccable setting with crystal chandeliers and wide mirrors, while Rudiger’s great wine collection adds to the luxury of the experience.The general ambiance is relaxed, offering an intimate candlelight atmosphere. The menu offers a range of specialties from the customary schnitzel to sauerkraut, but our personal favorite was the Argentinean beef seasoned with cognac.

Rüdigers, Motzstrasse 63, Berlin, Germany, +49 030 25 79 75 97

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Pequenia Habana

For the Cuban connoisseur, all good things come in small packages: Pequenia Habana is no exception. It is clear from the entrance that this is the Havana road, as the great mural showcases the icons of the island. The blackboard underneath presents the day’s specialties for both Latino and German regulars to see, while the decor is quite simple and uncomplicated, with a nostalgic touch. The cuisine is spectacular, with careful presentation and five-star touches. Everything looks perfect, and tastes even better.

Pequena Habana, Eisenacher Str. 48, Berlin, Germany, +49 03030360275

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Buddha House

Tibetan wisdom compacted in 95 Feng-shui places, Buddha House represents the abundance of delicious Indian, Nepalese and Chinese kitchens, all influencing each other under the same roof. The food is so good it speaks for itself, as the portions are generous and packed full of traditional Indian spices. You can choose to sit on chairs, or dine the traditional Asian way on a pillow on the floor. During warm summer nights the back garden is the perfect al fresco shelter from the street noise, so you can savor the exotic dishes in peaceful tranquility.

Buddha Haus, Akazienstr. 27, Berlin, Germany +49 30 70509959

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Zsa Zsa Burger

Even from a glance at its exterior, it’s clear Zsa Zsa Burger has perfected the classic American burger joint with a brilliant German twist. The interior is at once cozy and fun, with a modern kitchen-bar assembly and feel-good atmosphere. The burgers come with 200g of succulent beef patties, generous French fries, and fresh vegetables.You dine your own way at Zsa Zsa, as your server lets you choose your bread (white, brown, wholewheat) and how well done you want your patty cooked (rare to well done).

Zsa Zsa Burger, Motzstraße 28, Berlin, Germany, +49 030 21913470

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Friendly and welcoming, Maharadscha is one of the oldest Indian restaurants in Berlin and a magnet for both tourists and locals searching for an authentic taste of India in Berlin. Started as a family restaurant, it has kept its familiar interior largely unchanged since it opened more than two decades ago. Not just another Indian joint in the big city, it has style and exceptional cooking. The menu is an impressive collection of fragrant dishes cooked with all manner of spices, meaning there’s always something new to tempt you back. The star of the menu is their lamb specialty, sukha banglore.

Indisches Restaurant Maharadscha, Fugger Str. 21/Ecke Martin Luther Str., Berlin, Germany, +49 030 21002151

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Munch’s Hus

Simple but elegant, Munch’s Hus is a Norwegian restaurant with a tribute to the painter Edvard Munch’s works and unequal passion for Northern cuisine. The Scandinavian place breathes the philosophy of ‘less is more’ into its food. The chefs have an eye for quality ingredients, while keeping the authentic traditional recipes largely unchanged. The results are fabulous, with menu options including fish, cattle or the specialty of the house, moose.

Munch’s Hus, Bülowstraße 66, Berlin, Germany, +49 030 21014086

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Bejte Ethiopia

Bejte Ethiopia harnesses the incredible flavors of traditional Ethiopian cooking marvelously, creating dishes which add to the culinary rainbow that Berlin is famous for. The restaurant is family owned, which makes it more authentic, as the dishes are presented in a very familiar and rustic manner. The kitchen itself is worth mentioning, as it gathers delicious tartar, vegetarian mixes and perfectly roasted cattle meat, seasoned with paprika sauce or combinations of red spices. As the final touch of authenticity, the policy of the restaurant is the guests can eat with fingers, which makes for a messy but memorable meal.

Bejte Ethiopia, Zietenstraße 8, Berlin, Germany, +49 030 2625933