Chic Parisians Buy Their Fresh Produce At Rue Cler, Here's Why You Should Too

Live crab for sale on Rue Cler, Paris
Live crab for sale on Rue Cler, Paris | © David McSpadden / Wikicommons

Rue Cler runs through the heart of the 7th arrondissement, just a stone’s throw away from the Eiffel Tower. It’s without a doubt, the most authentic market street in Paris, whose high-quality fresh produce has earned it the nickname of the “Paradise of Parisian food.” After taking the metro to La Tour-Maubourg metro stop, simply follow the original cobblestones of this quaint neighborhood to discover more authentic delicacies than you could possibly have time to taste.

It’s the only place where chic Parisians will buy their local produce—often in quaint wicker baskets. While Paris might be located several hours from the coast, the street is particularly famous for its fresh seafood.

Prawns for sale on Rue Cler, Paris

The area has historically been associated with the French nobility, historic mansions home to elite businesses, and government ministries at every turn.

And so it’s no surprise that the fresh produce is reputed for its impeccable quality, given the history of its bourgeois clientele. It’s the “Paradise of Parisian food,” and has always been fit for royalty.

Live crab for sale on Rue Cler, Paris

Each shop and stall on this market street has spent decades, if not centuries, working up a reputation in one food specialty. The brioche from Pralus is said to be the best in the block, and queues for cheese at La Fermette Fromagerie are always long, a sign of popularity.

A top tip is to let the cheesemonger know when you plan to eat the cheese, so that they can select your Camembert or St. Felicien to the correct ripeness.

Fresh cheese for sale on Rue Cler, Paris

There are even places that have mastered the art of making honey such as Famille Mary, or in serving roasted chicken which you can find at Darius Rotisserie. As far as fresh fruit and vegetables are concerned, there is plenty of choice from Martine Lambert.

Fresh vegetables on Rue Cler

Rue Cler is well-loved not only for its authentic gastronomic treasures, but also because it is convenient. The stalls are open on Sunday mornings, which is a rare luxury in Paris, and so is often the go-to place to shop for a traditional Sunday lunch.

It’s local tradition to attend mass at St. Pierre du Gros Caillou on rue de Grenelle, then head to rue Cler for a snack afterward.

Fresh melon for sale on Rue Cler, Paris

There’s also Mariage Frères, a legendary tea brand that has been serving faithful customers since 1854. It claims to offer some of the highest quality tea in Europe, and their tastes range from classic green teas to sweet floral blends from the most obscure of sources.

Prawns for sale on Rue Cler, Paris

For gourmet meats, make sure to stop by Boucheries – Roger Billebault, but if you’re after something that’s sweeter, then François Pralus – Maître Chocolatier is a must visit.

It’s one of the best chocolatiers, whose large model of a chocolate eclair sitting out front as a bench makes for a hilarious photo opp.

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