The Top 10 Restaurants In Concarneau, Brittany

Moules frites | © Martin Burns/Flickr
Moules frites | © Martin Burns/Flickr
Photo of Courtney Stanley
9 February 2017

Concarneau, Brittany, a bustling summer resort town in France, has everything travelers look for in a French city. There’s a quaint ville close,or walled city, made up of narrow streets and picturesque shops; sandy beaches perfect for scenic walks along the coast; and expertly prepared fish and seafood. Here’s our guide to the city’s top dining spots for traditional Breton-style seafood, crêpes and more.

Le Flaveur

Located in the Concarneau’s charming ville close, Le Flaveur is hidden away on a quiet street near the harbor. The changing menu utilizes fresh, high quality ingredients featuring local Breton dishes alongside traditional French cuisine.

Le Flaveur, 4 Rue Duquesne, Concarneau, France +33 2 98 60 43 47

Le Petit Chaperon Rouge

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This Little-Red-Riding-Hood-themed crêperie is situated in a scenic location near the sea. Watch the ocean from the terrace or dine indoors in the cozy, beautifully decorated restaurant. The fantastic crêpes are a cut above those served in the more touristy locations of the walled city. With sweet and savory crêpes and nutty galettes (a Breton specialty pancake made with buckwheat flour), Le Petit Chaperon Rouge is a pleasant place to spend a quiet afternoon indulging in the favorite local dishes.

Ty Be New

This small crêperie faces the ville close. Using locally sourced, fresh ingredients, the chefs at Ty Be New create quality cuisine at affordable prices, and every dish has a hint of modern flair. Ty Be New serves crêpes, galettes, and gourmet pancake sandwiches presented with a toothpick flag of Brittany. Every dish is an original take on the traditional French recipes. Try a sweet or savory crêpe or combine the two with expertly blended flavors, like one crêpe filled with goat cheese, apple, rhubarb, and walnuts.

Ty Be New, 13 Bis Avenue Du Docteur Nicolas, Concarneau, France +33 2 98 87 64 53


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L’Amiral is a restaurant, bar, and brasserie located near Concarneau’s sandy beaches, facing the walled town and harbor. The restaurant, owned by Arnaud and Catherine Lebossé, has been a landmark in the community for years, and it was a place of literary inspiration for Georges Simenon. Enjoy a morning coffee and breakfast or light lunch in the cafe or reserve a place in the restaurant at dinnertime to taste the specialty seafood and fish with a bottle of fine wine. The contemporary restaurant has a spacious interior and an outdoor seating area. Take a virtual tour of the restaurant to familiarize yourself before you go.

La Porte Au Vins

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Concarneau Square
Concarneau Square | © Fabio Spinozzi/Flickr
Located within the walls of the old city, La Porte Au Vins sits at an excellent spot on the main street. This restaurant fills up quickly at lunchtime, and seating is offered on the terrace or indoor dining area. The former fisherman’s bistro was established in 1985 and serves a selection of Breton specialties. Try the moules frites (mussels and fries) along with many other fresh seafood options, depending on what the fishmongers have brought in that day. The generous portions of food are prepared with care and served by friendly and efficient staff.

La Croisière

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When dining at La Croisière, a restaurant serving traditional French Breton fare, try the specialty camarón(large prawns) or the seafood platter filled with the freshest seafood of the day. The menu includes a delightful children’s menu. Enjoy a scenic lunch break on the terrace or upstairs, where you’ll catch a better view of the walled city and harbor. The interior is decorated in a classy yet cozy style that is perfect for unwinding after a long day of sightseeing in the quaint ville close.

Le Vauban

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La ville close à Concarneau
La ville close à Concarneau | © Jean-Jacques Abalain/Flickr
This quaint spot is decked out in nautical decor, visible from the exterior of the restaurant, which is strewn with nets and decorated with beautiful flowers. Tucked in a corner of the walled city, Le Vauban serves traditional French fare in what looks and feels like the interior of a ship. Enjoy made-from-scratch fresh fish dishes, warm soups, and local ciders, or come in and cozy up in the dimly lit restaurant for an intimate glass of wine and a reasonably priced meal.

Le Croguervol

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Inside the Ville Close
Inside the Ville Close | © Rob Glover/Flickr
Le Croguervol is an eclectic French eatery located on one of Concarneau’s narrow side streets. This local favorite dining spot features a selective menu made up of fresh, seasonal options, including fish, barbecue, soups, and decadent desserts like the unrivaled crème brûlée. The restaurant’s unique decor includes local artwork and a somewhat nautical theme, while the tone of the eatery is set with rock music from the stereo.

Kera Pizza

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For an authentic taste of Italy in France, try Kera Pizza, a beloved local eatery that serves in-house, takeaway, and delivery. Located in the heart of Concarneau, across from the ville close, Kera Pizza has an extensive menu with topping options of meats, seafood, Americanized favorites, and many different cheesy combinations. The menu even features a selection of dessert pizzas, like one that comes smothered in Nutella and bananas. Aside from gourmet pizza, Kera Pizza serves salads and tartines (open-faced sandwiches).