The Best Michelin-starred Restaurants in Strasbourg

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Strasbourg‘s finest restaurants attract a discerning clientele of world travelers, savvy locals and a steady influx of European business travelers. With world-class regional products of the terroir at their fingertips, and the imagination of their Michelin-starred chefs, here’s a list of the finest dining experiences in cosmopolitan Strasbourg.

1741 ✽

The name of the restaurant refers to the year of construction of the stunning Palais Rohan, located just across a beautiful bridge on the canal and providing an exceptional view. Owner Cédric Moulot says he wanted some ‘magic and enchantment’ and to judge by guests enraptured praise, he did achieve just that.

Au Crocodile ✽

In the formal dining room, under a 19th-century glass skylight, with the discreet and faultless attention of the staff, you could think you’ve traveled back to an unhurried, genteel epoch. The cuisine, however is firmly seated in the 21st century, which earned this restaurant its Michelin star for its ‘cuisine of great finesse’.

Buerehiesel ✽

The keywords for this Michelin-starred restaurant are: rigor, precision, and passion. Located in a typical Alsatian half-timbered home in the verdant setting of the beautiful Parc de l’Orangerie, this place allows guests to be seduced by the view from the glass-enclosed veranda and the quality of the cuisine and wine list.

Gavroche ✽

A father and son team offer a fresh and healthy menu with carefully selected farm-to-table regional produce, down to making their own bread. Particularly popular is their duck foie gras cooked au torchon in a kitchen towel and briefly smoked with vine shoots, with a wild rose fruit preserve in the vieux garçons style, macerated in liquor.

Umami ✽

Umami is one of the five basic tastes together with sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and saltiness. It is a Japanese word that describe food that hits our pleasure center because of a specific composition, like Parmesan cheese, for example. Located in the picturesque Petit France neighborhood, the small intimate spot offers a tasting menu to venture into fifth sense through its imaginative and confident fusion cuisine.

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