The Best Coffee Shops in Dijon

©Dennis Jarvis/Flickr
©Dennis Jarvis/Flickr
Photo of Sylvia Edwards Davis
Writer5 March 2017

Dijon is one of those city centres that has managed to modernise its streets, restaurants, cafés and transport without erasing the romance of its heritage. Walking around the city you are never far from a charming coffee shop in a historic building, or a trendy contemporary spot busy reinventing the classics.

Comptoir des Colonies

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In the ultimate people-watching corner of Dijon on the Place François Rude, this place features a great selection of teas and coffees from around the world, served with flair. It’s a tiny bit on the pricey side but the atmosphere and location more than make up for it.

Les Temps des Ducs

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This historical spot was one of the first brasseries in Dijon, formerly known as Les Grands Ducs. It has recently changed hands (so ignore the old reviews), and is getting great reviews from a mix of local clientele and tourist crowds drawn to the kitsch hyperreal medieval décor similar to a theatre set, the excellent coffee and friendly service. The location, on the tip of the crescent-shaped Place de la Libération facing the majestic Palais des Ducs, is unbeatable. It’s also very popular for lunch and aperitifs and the tables on the terrace are busy around the clock.

La Bourgogne

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The café-brasserie La Bourgogne has a belle époque flavour in a strategic location on Place de la République, an increasingly lively spot in the growing city centre. The original features have been tastefully updated from the marquee to the chandeliers and the counters. It’s a great spot for lunch as well!

Café de l'Industrie

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This café is an institution and the number one on the ranking for favourite cafés among the locals. It is (almost) open all day, and attracts a faithful local clientele of every generation. One table can be full of students decompressing after an exam, the next has a quartet of retired friends putting the world to rights. It has the quirky, lived-in atmosphere of the spot where ‘everybody knows your name’ but without feeling closed-off to tourists. The location on a pedestrian street just steps from the Godran tram stop and around the corner from the market also make it a favourite spot for happy hour.


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This boasts rave reviews as the best barista in Dijon. Period. This little coffee shop tucked away on a cute pedestrian street just steps away from the main Rue de la Libération and the Place Grangier, serves gourmet coffees and teas, smoothies, sandwiches and bagels. Highlights are the decadent cheesecake, and the very impressive latte foam art.

Caf&Co - Café Solidaire

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More than a café, this is an experience. People take their time sipping their fair-trade coffee, browsing the news, checking their messages or engaging in conversation about the values of this café. Run by volunteers, this local hub promotes equitable commerce, local crafts and solidarity for all mankind.

Coffee & Muffin

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There’s a great cup of coffee waiting for you at Coffee & Muffin, plus (would you ever guess by its name?) a choice of delicious muffins. The small space is quirky and friendly and if you like the décor, you can buy some of the items at the designer boutique next door.