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Breakfast | © Kathryn Yengel/Flickr
Breakfast | © Kathryn Yengel/Flickr
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The Best Brunch And Breakfast Spots In Reims, France

Picture of Paula Zamorano Osorio
Updated: 4 April 2017
Breakfasts and brunches can make or break a day. In Reims, many cafes, bakery and restaurant owners know this and so offer splendid breakfast and brunch options. Discover the most delightful at the following locations.
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Pain & Cie

Pain & Cie is a cozy French deli which offers a most popular brunch on Sundays. Copious and tasty, this brunch offers both sweet and savory delights, from yogurts with cereals, hams, cheeses, salmon, eggs, breads, jams as well as refreshing or warming drinks. Focusing on offering top quality items, Pain & Cie uses organic and artisan ingredients where it can. Pain & Cie provides seating both inside the restaurant and out on the terrace, the latter being perfect for warm summer mornings.

Pain & Cie, 68 place Drouet D’Erlon, Reims, France, +33 3 26 03 77 57

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En Appart’ Thé

A tea connoisseur’s heaven, En Appart’ Thé is a classic brunch spot in Reims. This tea salon, just a short walk away from the Museé des Beaux-Arts, is the perfect place to relax and enjoy their excellent beverages alongside pastries, which can either be consumed on site or as a take out. En Appart’ Thé offers an outstanding Sunday brunch, French style, offering a range of fresh breads and cheeses, as well as meats, grapes and drinks included in the price. Wonderful flavors alongside a welcoming and friendly environment, make En Appart’ Thé a brunch spot not to be missed.

En Appart’ Thé, 23 Rue Chanzy, Reims, France, +33 3 26 02 58 94

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Chez Lou

Chez Lou prides itself for its creativity, bringing the people of Reims healthy, high-quality and environmentally friendly food. The environment has special place in Chez Lou’s heart, so at this venue, the ingredients are seasonally produced and locally sourced as well as being up to 70% biological. Enjoy a varied menu, particularly promising for bagel-lovers, as here you can choose from a list of eight different fillings and three bread types. Aside from artisan bagels, there are also soups, dessert items, salads and a vast selection of drinks. Chez Lou also caters for gluten intolerants and vegans.

Chez Lou, 4 rue de pouilly, Reims, France, +33 9 8333 2525

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Pâtisserie Manon

Located a few steps away from the Notre Dame Cathedral in Reims is Pâtisserie Manon, a establishment with a tea salon, a tarterie, and a pâtisserie included. Sample the fresh breads, home-baked cakes and pastries made and sold at this wonderful location, which offers fantastic sweet and savory breakfast and brunch options. It’s light with happy pink tones so visiting Pâtisserie Manon is enough to make anyone’s day cheerful, especially after a satisfying late morning meal.

Pâtisserie Manon, 11 Cours Jean Baptiste Langlet, Reims, France, +33 03 26 08 07 38

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Patisserie la Bonbonnière

The Patisserie la Bonbonnière is a classic French bakery, offering heavenly delights, such as pastries, fresh breads as well as fresh salads and warming beverages. Having opened its doors more than 50 years previously, this bakery, with a tea salon attached, serves breakfast, lunch or items perfect for an evening break. Make the most of a late breakfast at the Patisserie la Bonbonnière, for an experience that you will want to repeat over and over again.

Patisserie la Bonbonnière, 15 rue de l’arbalète, Reims, France, +33 03 26 47 65 52

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Le Four à Bois

Offering a traditional French breakfast menu, Le Four à Bois is a breakfast spot not to miss. As the name of the bakery suggests, the breads are all baked in a wood-oven using traditional baker’s methods and bio-flour to bring out the best flavor of each loaf. Situated in the heart of Reims, Le Four à Bois is the perfect spot to enjoy the aromas and flavors of an authentic French breakfast, including hot and cold drinks and delicious pastries.

Le Four à Bois, 100, rue Chanzy , Reims, France, +33 3 26 47 44 36

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Waïda et Fils

Waïda et Fils is another excellent bakery offering a cozy tea salon where the breakfast experience is simply heavenly, or make the most of the outside terrace and enjoy some people-watching. Start your day at Waïda el Fils, where you can taste the best of croissants, pains au chocolat, fruit tarts, pretty cakes and macaroons alongside some warming and aromatic beverages. Don’t miss out on this popular bakery for a delightful and relaxed breakfast.

Waïda el Fils, 5 place Drouet d’erlon, Reims, France, +33 3 26 47 44 49