The 3 Best Places to See Rodin's sculptures

Ritu Poojari

Rodin was a traditionally trained 19th-century French artist, and one of the most famous sculptors known today. Despite being denied admission to the Grand École, one of the most prestigious art schools in France, Rodin was quickly recognised for his extraordinary talents and gained immense popularity in his lifetime. His works are considered the forerunners to modern sculptures, and are praised for their incredible realism and passion. Here we explore the best places to view his works.

1. Musée Rodin Paris


Rodin made an agreement with the French government; upon his death, he would leave all of his sculptures, drawings and photographs to the state on the condition that the Hotel Biron, a place where he had frequently worked, be converted to a museum solely dedicated to his art; and thus the Musée Rodin in Paris came into existence. The museum is a must see for all ardent fanatics of Rodin’s remarkable works: there is an indoor museum depicting his development, and a stunning outdoor garden with many of his major works on display amidst the roses and trees, including the famous Le Penseur (1882).
Hours: 10AM to 5.45PM daily, (closed Mondays)

2. Musée-Atelier Rodin


The Musée-Atelier Rodin in Meudon is a must-visit for those who are passionate about Rodin’s works. The museum was previously Rodin’s home and studio, where many of his greatest works came to life. Today, the museum has been restored to reflect its appearance at the height of Rodin’s productivity, and provides a fascinating insight into the life behind the genius. The museum largely features plaster casts and moulds of Rodin’s most famous works which he used as guides and drafts, all of which were created in that very space.

Hours: 1PM to 6PM on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (except May 1st)

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